Beats teases a new Beats Pill that could arrive June 25

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A short teaser starring Lebron James shows off the unreleased Beats Pill, suggesting a release could occur on June 25.

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Beats Pill could be revived soon

The teaser was posted by the official Beats X account. It shows Lebron James commenting on a song and turning up the volume on a Beats Pill.

The unreleased Beats Pill has been shown in various "leaks." Different celebrities have been seen with the product in photos and videos posted on social media.

Lebron James was previously seen carrying the Beats Pill in a short video posted on Instagram. F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo has also been spotted with the product.

Code discovered in iOS and an entry in the FCC database also hint that the new Beats Pill could be released soon.

Beats by Dre gave a date in the teaser, June 25, with the words "The Predicament" appearing on the screen, which may reference an album or song being released. If the Beats Pill is launching on June 25, it could be in association with a new Lil Wayne release.

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    Would be great if this could have some HomePod-like functionality. At this point, why release a speaker without an assistant built-in? Especially if it just gives folks more options to get into / stay in the ecosystem.
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