One Swedish Apple Store closes, but its replacement is far, far away

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The Apple Store in Helsingborg, Sweden is permanently closing on July 13. Its replacement will be opening up a mere 340 miles away.

Apple store entrance with large logo, multiple display tables, wall-mounted product images, and rows of shelves under bright lights in a modern, clean interior.
Apple Vala Centrum

Apple's schedule for store openings and refurbishments can sometimes include the occasional closure. In the case of one store in Sweden, it will include a permanent closure with no ideal replacement on the horizon.

The Apple Vala Centrum store in Helsingborg, Sweden, has confirmed its last day of opening will be on July 13. The store website shows the last day will open until 6pm that day, with Sunday now listed as closed.

The closure is reported by Michael Steeber, with the store only one of three Apple Store locations in the entirety of Sweden. While it has existed for almost 11 years, it's actually the newest of the trio.

While Sweden will be down one store for a while, Apple is preparing to open another one in 2024. That store will be in the Mall of Scandinavia, which Apple confirmed was on the way at the start of 2024.

No opening date has been set for the new storefront.

The Mall of Scandinavia location won't necessarily be a good replacement for customers who go to the Vala Centrum storefront. It is a 558.5-kilometer (347-mile) journey between Helsingborg and Solna, which takes approximately six hours to drive each way.

Instead, local customers could travel an hour away to Malmo to visit their nearest Genius Bar. Alternatively, they could use online ordering and support, as well as Apple Authorized Service Providers in the region.

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    I hope Apple hasn't been working as hard at forcing authorized service providers out of business in Sweden as they have in the US.
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    nubusnubus Posts: 478member
    I hope Apple hasn't been working as hard at forcing authorized service providers out of business in Sweden as they have in the US.
    They have. The shop in Malmö (pop 350k) opened right after the local Premium Reseller with guidance from Apple had invested in making a former cinema into a new large shop in the exact same area of town. See image:

    Apple decided to build an extra shop in Malmö instead of opening 15 miles away across the border in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark - a much larger city and a country still without a single Apple Store.
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    Jonny KJonny K Posts: 9unconfirmed, member
    They wiped most of them out in Ireland, including myself.
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    opinionopinion Posts: 105member
    I don’t get why they did not open one in Gothenburg instead of another one in Stockholm. One in each of the largest three cities would make more sense but Apple does not always make things that make sense.
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