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    Originally posted by NETROMac

    you forgot to add:

    HELL YEAH!!!!

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    lemon bon bonlemon bon bon Posts: 2,383member
    Nice one(!), Netro.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Lemon Bon Bon
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    Originally posted by Anonymous Karma

    ... Do you think that somebody from IBM will get up on stage with Steve during the Stevenote? ... If so, do you think he will discuss:

    General technical overview (advantages of 970, bakeoff, et al)?

    Developer-related stuff (we see here how the ALU and FPU share their design with the Power 4 blah blah)?

    Business-related stuff (Apple and IBM will be working together to provide processors for all future Apple computers, etc.)?

    A make-out fest with Phil Schiller?

    The Mercury News had this to say on Friday:


    IBM has scheduled analyst briefings on the chip to begin after Apple Chairman and Chief Executive Steve Jobs gives his keynote address. A group of IBM engineers has come to Apple's Cupertino headquarters for last-minute preparations.

    Could this be the anouncement of a partnership between Apple and IBM to recapturing both the desktop and the server markets? If it is it will be the biggest News out of the WWDC.
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    arw867arw867 Posts: 3member
    They're probably not showing the live stream becuase they need time to edit out the hanging and mutalation of the poor webmaster Only one day left though, it's going to be quite a show. I'm eager to see how these beasts look.


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    Originally posted by NETROMac

    NETROMac...yer not going to do an hour-by-hour count-down?!?!?!

    Take care everyone! Hopefully this WWDC will make a warm memory for a future NETRO "This day in 2003..." count-down caption!
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    Where's NETRO? We need a "0 Days Left" countdown!
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    Hello world!!! Here I am posting from by parents porch. Are you ready for the last countdown post from me???

    WWDC starts today.

    So THIS IS THE DAY we all have been waiting for.

    My VISA is getting hotter and hotter by the minute

    Lemon Bon Bon, I'm looking foreward to seeing your posts tonight

    Just a few more hours to go now.......

    Netro signing off....... he-he, just kidding.
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    redericrederic Posts: 124member
    Just 3 hours and 13 minutes left...
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    Originally posted by RedEric

    Just 3 hours and 13 minutes left...

    just in case this hasn't been posted already: http://www.3cmug.co.uk/countdown.html

    (btw, I'm yet another long-reader-but-first-poster - hi to ya'll )
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    may someone please look behind this black cover?

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