earphone foam covers

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i feel like this is a question that many people have wanted to ask for a while. actually it may have been asked already, but does anyone know where I can purchase new foam earbud covers? They seem to get lost very easily.



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    wotanwotan Posts: 106member
    Radio Shack has them. And Im sure their probably available at many other electronics stores, or any place that sells earphones.
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    ghost_user_nameghost_user_name Posts: 22,667member
    i hate the headphones they supply -check these ones they are th best I have ever tried

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    producerproducer Posts: 283member
    Im gonna try those I have great headphones for my music studio but im looking for small ones to work out with... I tried the Etymotic ER4S waiting to be blown away and I was not but I heard them through a very bad player so I am sure they will sound better through and iPod.. I am going to compare them to the ones you mentioned this week... plus i think the ones you mention looking better for working out as the Etymotic ER4S you have to plug inside your ear and you can't hear anything on the outside and I mean anything...which is sometimes good but if you walk around in them it is dangerous for sure...
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