Expanding Marketshare Through Cheap Consumer Macs



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    [quote]Originally posted by bradbower:

    <strong>Stop being such cheapskates... you get what you pay for! Apple will never be able to compare with the budget PC industry, and you want Apple, one of the industry's largest beacon of innovation, to not only compare, but beat out the competition, all of it, in price and innovation. Not gonna happen. Apple may exceed their necessary margins sometimes, but it never lasts for long. Macs do cost more than some bargain bin PCs, even supposedly comparable ones?and they always will. Deal.

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    We're not cheapskates, most of us OWN Macs! We bought them at the current prices.

    This is a discussion about what Apple needs to do to gain market share. Like it or not, for many consumers price matters....and they don't all understand that OS X is worth the extra cost of a Mac.
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    jcgjcg Posts: 777member
    Very true on both accounts JYD. I buy the best that I can afford at the time that I purchase in the product that I am looking for. I have a Sony TV, I've owned a Porsche and a Miata, and I own a Cube. I want to upgrade the Cube to a DP800 with a NVidia graphics card. At some point I want to get a newer PowerMac and larger monitor, but a $2000-$3000 purchase isnt in my budget right now. A $1000-$1500 price tag might rearange that a little, but not for an iMac. As a graphic designer I need a larger monitor. And after working in indesign for a while on a project I could use 2 larger monitors...lol... The iMac just dosnt fit this bill. Now I'm not talking about the computer I use at work, but the one I own at home, so I dont have an unlimited budget for it. Also with Apple's release of Quartz Extream, I feel that it is in the consumer's best interest to be able to upgrade the video system to keep up with the future requirements of that part of the OS. Minimum is a 16MD Radeon right now, in 12-18 monts that could easily require a 32-64MB Gforce 3 minimum, who knows? And right now with an iMac you are at Apples mercy to support your older system. As a consumer I do not like that at all...
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