30 GB iPod for Price of 15 GB!



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    flounderflounder Posts: 2,674member
    Damn, I knew it couldn't be that simple!

    So, I ordered this when I was in Minnesota, but I moved to Michigan last week. A couple weeks ago when I knew it wouldn't make it in time, I called Dell and changed the shipping address.

    I checked the site and it had my new address listed correctly.

    I go and check my ups tracking number, and find they're shipping it to Minneapolis!

    I call Dell, they tell me to call UPS.

    I call UPS, and they can't change the address until they try and fail to deliver it to me in Minneapolis. This doesn't happen until Thursday so now I'm not going to get my iPod until probably the end of next week!

    So frustrating........

    Jerremy, I PM'd you my order #
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    jerremyjerremy Posts: 11member
    Hi all,

    Interesting article you pointed to adpowers. With Dell bing the huge moster it is, I don't know if I could find the right person to call!

    Flounder - what a pain in the ass. The excitement of it shipping - and in true Dell style - it's still messed up.

    Thanks for the # - I'll be able to use it when I call.

    No shipment for me yet...

    - Jerremy
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    jerremyjerremy Posts: 11member
    Hi again all,

    Well, after almost a month and a half, my iPod has FINALLY shipped.

    Dell has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The people at the other end of the phone and trying back emails a useless.

    I did see that Dell has "user forums" on the site - and wouldn't you know - they have a Customer Service forum.

    Many people are mad that these shipped out of order - seems people that ordered on the 15th have been skipped over numerous times on shipments and many had their order cancelled.

    Did we that ordered on the 15th get a better deal than those that ordered on the 19th? Hmm...

    Let me tell you - there are some pissed off people over there... The iPod issue is quite active over there - but there seems to be quite a few issues with Dell PCs and periphs not shipping on time either.

    Flounder, did you get your shipping issue fixed?

    - Jerremy
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    flounderflounder Posts: 2,674member
    Yup! It should be arriving Monday

    Glad yours is finally on the way, Jerremy.
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    glad you remaining guys finally have your ipods shipping. you're gonna be happy with them for sure, and when you get your bill and see what you saved, you're gonna be twice as happy....

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