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    So, the things John Manzione has learned:

    1) Flames are not just restricted for forums. People flame in article comments, too! Has he been living under a rock? Next he'll discover, to his lasting horror, that some people spam comment sections to mau-mau discussion, or just to be pricks.

    2) In enterprise, IT people are constantly replacing Macs with Dells. Um, yeah, welcome to 1995.

    3) Apple tech support experience varies wildly depending on who answers the phone. No, really. Maybe soon he'll figure out that this is true generally, regardless of whether some suit has circulated a memo about "treating all customers equally." Maybe, eventually, he'll learn that Apple contracts phone support to the same companies that everyone else uses.

    4) Apple tech support keeps an internal customer rating system! Uh, John, welcome to the service industry. If you start tipping well at a local restaurant, you'll find the service suddenly gets a lot better, too, even with waiters who haven't served you before.

    5) Apple support and repair screw things up and pass the buck around, and they ship the odd lemon. Yup. That's all quite true, and there's no question that there's ample room for improvement. But given all that, and given that they use many of the same contractors, Apple still scores higher than their peers in service quality, consistently. Some people report consistently excellent service, which might have something to do with 3, and might have something to do with 4 as well. At any rate, there are plenty of ways to address this problem that don't involve irrational, directionless rants.

    6) MS can throw ten times more money at anything Apple does and beat them! That's why Windows XP is ten times better than OS X, WMP is ten times better than QuickTime or iTunes (well, if you're talking QuickTime for Windows then it's not that far off), why MS' server admin tools are so much better than Apple's, and on and on. MS will copy something Apple does superficially enough to get their apologists to assert that it works JUST LIKE A MAC, but, as always, it won't.

    7) AAC isn't as good as a CD! Well, hot damn. And here I was thinking that lossy compression was always better than lossless. Silly me. Not that there are any other factors involved, of course.

    8) Mac users used to say Macs were better because they were faster, but now that they aren't they emphasize how much more work gets done. Sorry, John, thank you for playing, but, um, no. Speed is no longer asserted as an advantage, but that leaves plenty of other long-asserted advantages (and some new ones, courtesy of OS X).

    9) OS X is the slowest OS out there. No. Define "slow." I couldn't use the computer as efficiently under 9 as I could under X, and that counts as speed to me. Besides, wasn't 4K78 TEH FASTEST OS EVAR, John?
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member

    Originally posted by Amorph

    Besides, wasn't 4K78 TEH FASTEST OS EVAR, John?

    I think he's trying to forget he ever made that statement.

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