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    Are you guys nuts?

    Apple make drivers for Windows? Use DVI?

    First off, has anyone ever SEEN a DVI connection ... its a complete mess of wires.

    Second, do you know how expensive it is to develope drivers for Windows? For all of the different makes of graphic cards? For all of the different versions of Windows? And future versions of Windows? Like OSX isn't filling up their plate enough.

    ADC rocks ... its, power, video and USB through ONE cable. They can do this kind of stuff because they make the whole "widget". The LAST thing Apple can afford to do is to start holding back in order to score a few P.C. sales. The idea is to make the Mac experience better.

    They were smart and realized ... if the Apple LCD monitors became THAT hot, it would only be a matter of time before a P.C. card vendor realizes this and builds ADC into their cards. And that's what's happening. THEY can worry about the drivers, and on top of it, Apple gets paid for every ADC that goes into a P.C. on top of the money they get from the monitor.
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    When did the Ti get a RADEON?

    There were two reasons for ADC. One, so USB, Power and the Display signal could be in one cord so there is no tangleing. Two, so PC users couldn't use Apple displays...why? so no one would ever have to see such a discrasful and pethetic OS on anything of Apple's.
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    Steve doesn't want people to mistake a Mac product for a WinTel...
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