Official WWDC Keynote Broadcast List and Who's Going Where



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    simxsimx Posts: 21member

    Originally posted by JBL

    I am planning on going to Palo Alto.

    Same here. I'll probably want to get there 45 min to an hour earlier, though, seeing as this is probably going to be a big event.
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    mugwumpmugwump Posts: 233member
    I suppose I'll appear at The Grove...
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    I'll be at the Salem NH store (hopefully it wont be as nuts as Borders was tonight )
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    erbiumerbium Posts: 354member
    Any Canadians on these boards? Eh?
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    I'll be at the Grove.. groping Bodhi..
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    Originally posted by Blueflame

    I'll wave at the camera from the audience at the Moscone Center! -

    A very stoked Blueflame

    No way, really?
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    dfryerdfryer Posts: 140member

    Any Canadians on these boards? Eh?

    Yeah, I'm in Victoria. Looks like it'll be the after-the-fact webcast for me, although I might try to get some IRC action somewhere between classes
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    Originally posted by AppleExec

    No way, really?

    Yes way, I got a student developer scholarship to attend WWDC this year, it should be fun!

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    jaredjared Posts: 639member

    Originally posted by JBL

    I am planning on going to Palo Alto.

    Me three...
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    I've emained TechTV to ask them to carry it, but got no response. Have any of the cable stations carried MacWorld or WWDC keynotes in the past?
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    I'll be at the U of Minnesota location. I think alcimedes will be there too. He lives fairly close to me.
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    akumulatorakumulator Posts: 1,111member

    Originally posted by drewprops

    I'll be at the Apple Southeastern Regional HQ unless they're not carrying the keynote broadcast, in which case I'll be at Lenox Mall's Apple Store.

    I remember seeing an office building here in Atlanta 4 years ago when I first moved here and thought... wtf? I didn't know there was a southeastern regional hq. What's there that might show the keynote? Do they have a store? I'll be at Lenox Mall on Monday (after I call in sick)
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    I'll be at the Southpoint location in NC.

    Anyone there will recognize me as the guy with glasses, NCSU hat, and a shadow from not having shaved all week.
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    vasuvasu Posts: 26member
    i got approval earlier..

    Tulane University in New Orleans, LA will be broadcasting the keynote address live on the local campus cable network, channel 58
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    I might do The Grove or Glendale.
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    serranoserrano Posts: 1,806member
    I've got class, so home it is for me.
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    ~ufo~~ufo~ Posts: 245member

    time for apple stores in the lowlands too dagnabbit!

    I'll just watch the webcast afterwards and try not to check the boards..

    and try not to checkt the boards....

    try not to check the boards....

    not to check the boards...

    check the boards...

    the boards...


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    foadfoad Posts: 697member
    I'll be at waving at the camera alongside blueflame.

    Got a free ride from a software company. I can hardly contain myself!
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    badtzbadtz Posts: 949member
    ........ I shall be @ the grove in Los Angeles.

    I'm hoping it's not TOO crowded.

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    lemon bon bonlemon bon bon Posts: 2,383member
    Hmmm. A powerful tool these Apple stores...

    Round 'em 'em the stuff...helpless captive wallets get caught up in cabin fever...

    Apple are going to start printing cash soon...

    Lemon Bon Bon
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