NO G5/PPC970 for WWDC



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    Originally posted by JMoney

    I'm really disappointed in the rudeness of everyone on these forums. What did I ever do to you? I post what was told to me by a friend, who is in fact a manager. I felt that it was considered a valid piece of information. Do I feel that it contrasts with the "leaked" G5 stats? Yes I do. But since no one knows for sure what is going to be announced tomorrow until it comes out of Steve's mouth who the hell are you to judge me? I blow goats? Grow up, already for christ's sake we're talking about computers here. So go to your sources for real insider information. Honestly, I've never seen a larger bunch of whining babies who give mac users a bad name.

    I agree.
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    dave k.dave k. Posts: 1,306member
    Did any stores actually receive any iSights??
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    Confirmed-Apple Store employees (particularly managers) have much less information than we do. Remember that next time!
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    Ha! Ha!
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    Originally posted by JMoney

    I can't reveal my source, but very close friend has confirmed that there will not be a 970/G5 or whatever the hell released for WWDC. What I can say is that it is there is a new system at the Apple Stores and it's nothing that anyone is expecting! He wouldn't confirm but all I can say, is hot damn!

    Ok, so does JMoney get hung upside down from the flagpole for a month now or what? JMoney, if you weren't making this bit up yourself, then your "very close friend" fed you a load of information that was wrong in every way possible. But of course, you know that now
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