So when do we expect Panther?



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    Originally posted by disco

    I've seen the price of Panther listed at $129. Will there be reduced upgrade pricing for Jaguar owners? Just curious if anyone has heard/read anthing regarding this.


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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member

    Originally posted by Scott

    Dec 31st 2003 at 11:59 PM.

    the saturday after thanksgiving... the biggest shopping day of the year!
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    gambitgambit Posts: 475member
    I swear I heard someone state (someone from Apple) that the G5s would be shipping with Panter preinstalled. That would put it at the late-August/September timeline.

    By the way, Steve mentioned shipping by year's end for Panther and also said 3GHtz within a yea..... that's marketing speak for 'we can't state an exact date or else we'll get blasted for breaking a promise.' I remember a few years back, Apple showed off prerelease hardware comprised of dual G4s and said it would be shipping by 'this time next year.' Well, they announced the dualies for the first time two months later at the July Macworld and suprised a lot of people. But the Apple people were right: the duals WERE shipping sometime that next year, they just arrived sooner than people expected.

    I suspect the same marketing speak is being done with Panther and the 3GHtz G5.
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