Motorola Semiconductor Layoffs Equals Apple Buyout Explained At MWSF?



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    [quote]Originally posted by rickag:

    In my own little fantasy, the reason test boxes are sealed is due to the fact that the cpu's inside are AMD :eek: . Apple's "Black Hole" department(where no information escapes... he he) secretly worked a deal w/ AMD to manufacture cpu's for their powermacs.

    The reason Altivec didn't scale properly in early prototypes was due to the fact that it wasn't Altivec, it is AMD's version. The reason Photoshop seems behind in developing their software for OS X is they are optimizing for AMD's cpu.

    It even explains why there is no mention of Altivec on Motorola's roadmap for the G5 cpu. Why, because there never will be.


    Yeah, I was reading Phil's post earlier, I did't think much of his AMD bit, But You've hit a nerve.....

    I seriously hope your little fantasy comes true. That would Fxxxing rock
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    To make it more interesting-

    Remember the MacCentrwal Moto article "not add flames to the fire" "G4 is progeressing well.." stuff and he was kinda tight lipped about the G5. What if that's because they were'nt doing the G5? How can you comment on a chip you're not making? Also, how can you answer that question and not tip off the fact that AMD is now making the G5? You dodge it as he did!

    &lt;blackhole continues&gt;
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