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    idaveidave Posts: 1,283member
    My guess for New York:

    A G5 PowerMac review, with lots on display for folks to try out.

    A Panther review and pre-release version in some of those G5s for folks to try out.

    Nothing else. (Well, except for all the cool stuff that other vendors will have to show off.)
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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,560member

    Originally posted by Tomb of the Unknown

    Greg Joswiak Apple's VP of hardware product marketing will be doing the Apple presentation, but it's only an hour.

    For sure, he's going to want to cover the G5 for the audience there. That won't leave much time for anything else. Maybe just one OMT ("one more thing") of something new. If so, what's more likely, new displays (this is pitched to the creative crowd, right?) or a new Powerbook?

    Perhaps this will be the start of non-Steve keynotes introducing some kind of hardware. As good as Steve's keynotes are Apple needs to find a way for the future to be less reliant on these.
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    Originally posted by Tomb of the Unknown

    Ok, we are now three weeks out from the MacWorld Creative Pro expo an the question is: are there any Mac products in the wings that didn't get announced at WWDC?

    There's no Stevenote, but that doesn't mean there may not be an announcement or two.

    Some folks are predicting the imminent announcement of new 15" PowerBooks, could this happen at MW Creative?

    My prediction is the introduction of the Moto 7457 in the PowerBooks (1.3GHz in 15 and 17" models, and maybe across the board) and the introduction of the 750GX in the iBooks, coming in at 1.25 or 1.15 GHz. I also expect a PowerMac G4 update (and maybe a renaming) come September, with the inclusion of 1.5 GHz single and dual 7457s - with an iMac update as well. I also expect a price drop. Maybe a single 1.5GHz for $999? The 50% reduction in cost of the G4s should allow for this. It would give Apple a fairly fast, inexpensive expandable machine. I also hope for DDR400 across the board, but with how Apple screwed up the 1.6 G5, I don't expect it. Why couldn't they just do DDR400 on all G5s?
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    outsideroutsider Posts: 6,008member
    What better intro for the Creative Pro show than new displays? Think how different the G5 case is from the G4 case, thats how different the new displays will be from the picture frame displays.
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    macusersmacusers Posts: 840member
    Do you think Steve could show up anyway and surprise everyone like he used to do on past WWDC's?
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    idaveidave Posts: 1,283member

    Originally posted by MacUsers

    Do you think Steve could show up anyway and surprise everyone like he used to do on past WWDC's?

    As mentioned above, I think there's a strong possibility Steve Jobs will show up via video iChat. I doubt he'll have too much to say though. It's not his keynote this time.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    I agree with the above, regarding "Steve popping in for a minute or two via iChat A/V". Gives him a presence there AND it touts the new iChat and iSight cam.

    A nice two-for-one deal.

    And yes, since we all know that a 15" aluminum PowerBook is pretty much simply going to be based on the existing 12" and 17", I could see it unveiled without TOO much fanfare or noise. It isn't like some massive redesign or brand new product: the 15" PowerBook already exists...has for over two years. It's just getting a new skin and features to bring it up to modern specs with the other two announced in January of this year.

    Joswiak could do it at the show, they could do it via press release anytime in the next week or so and simply give it some space/coverage on the front page of their site OR they could just wait until August or September and do one of those standalone events (like the dual-USB iBook and iPod unveilings a couple of years ago).

    I actually wouldn't mind the August/September thing because that's about when I'll put the last of my PowerBook fund into place.

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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    i can understand the aug/sept updates for laptops to satisfy the back to schoolbunch ican't imagine apple leaving nothing new for fall can they wait for christmas---no way
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