any room for imac update?



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    Thank you, Synp, for explaining that a true 64-bit application and "regular" programs that are simply optimized for the 970. Putting it into 2 categories really helped.

    I can certainly see why there are no applications on the horizon that will work with the 970, exlusively. But with Apple's new commitment to 64 bit chips I would think they would like to see as many apps as possible optimized for the 970--to be able to brag about their speed.

    ANd even with my lack of technical knowledge the G4 just doesnt seem to garner any respect. The Rodney Dangerfield of PC chips. Its not especially inexpensive, slow front side bus, doesnt seem to scale well, etc. The G3 family seems to get more respect.

    With those thought in mind Im thinking that Apple would really like to broaden the availability of the 970 ASAP. And Im even allowing myself too consider a minitower/cube/headess iMac model. If not, then maybe a 970 iMac before next year. (AIO version)
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    So what's the best guess for a date for a rev of the iMac? (...and the iBook and the 12" pBook?)

    I'm hoping for August or early and all that. Really, gimme some good, solid speculation! 8)

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    Originally posted by DCQ

    Really, gimme some good, solid speculation! 8)

    Nice oxymoron!
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    Originally posted by snoopy

    I wasn't discussing a Motorola G4. The last line in my posting says, "It may come from IBM and they may call it the 750 VX Mojave, but Apple will call it a G4." The 7457 is just a stop gap processor. It gives Macs a little boost until a fast new consumer-grade G4 is available. I expect Mojave to be inexpensive and lower power so it can address the embedded market too. I suspect it will be 2 GHz and up.

    Before you all go salivating over Mojave, double-check to make sure that it doesn't use the 60x bus. If it does (and, to date, every G3 ever made uses 60x), that's even worse than MaxBus.

    A 2GHz G3+AltiVec hooked up with a 60x bus will be at least as choked for bandwidth as any G4 - that problem doesn't go away just because "IBM" is stamped on the die.
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