Could Apple Be Secretly Working On A New "Power" Chip With Samsung?



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    An implausibility this topic is, yes, but nevertheless, that was a good explanation HOS.
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    Samsung means 5 stars in Korean. (Just thought I'd mention that.) In the world of high tech, NOTHING is implausable. Samsung now makes some of the best Plasma and rear projection tvs and LCD monitors. My question was retorical, meant to get a discussion going. So it has. In the world of rumor sites is that a bad thing?
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    <a href=""; target="_blank">To find out....</a>

    Click the above link, then click "Play Game"

    Once in the game, click "Ask"

    Type the question "Will Apple & Samsung partner to make a computer or a chip?"

    THAT is where you will find the answer.
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