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I've only just got hold of my brand new Desktop G4 1.25 with 20" Apple flat screen monitor. Although I'm not familiar with OSX yet (I'm running 10.2.6) there's obviously a problem.

When the screen goes to 'sleep' with an application running in the background - like iTunes for example, when I wake it up the screen looks as it should do.

If however there aren't any applications running and the CPU powers down as well (so both Mac + screen are asleep) when I touch the mouse or keyboard to wake them up, the screen goes very strange, looking all pixilated, then a couple of seconds later, totally jumbled and even more pixilated. This can be cleared with a restart. I've tried adjusting the 'sleep' times, reloading the system software and run the Apple Hardware Test disc, but these haven't made any difference.

I hope this rather non-technical description makes sense to someone out there in 'Mac-land' - Although I've loved using Macs for the past 15 years I've never been very hot on the technical side - so be gentle with me!

OK... I know it's under warranty, but neither the dealer or Apple can come up much with any solution to my problem as yet and I don't particularly want to send the machine back to Apple unless I can avoid it.



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    Boo Hiss!

    Well... the above has been posted a couple of days now and no one seems to be able to help!

    Not to worry - Apple are accepting the beast back so hopefully I won't have the same trouble again.
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    In case anyone is interested it was a faulty video card.
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    Wow. Never would have guessed. Somethign like that happened to my Grandpa once a few months ago. The screen shuts off about 1 minute after the computer wakes up. Not much of a problem since he just increases the brightness and everything works again.
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