Yo Puckheads: Anyone heard about the WHA?



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    Exactly right on the contract part. Most players that have been up for re-signing over the last two seasons have gotten one or two year deals, specifically because of the coming labor dispute. Everyone knows it's coming and many good players are signed only through next year - Kariya and Selanne are perfect examples, as are a lot of lesser know but solid players.

    The WHL will potentially have some very solid players to start out with. It's analagous to the Indy Car thing a few years back. Unser and Andretti and all those guys walked, and the existing "league" was left with a bunch of no-names. Granted the reasons behind that switch were different, but the effect for the NHL could be the same.

    I'll compile a list of names in a bit just to give you an idea. There are a ton of them.

    [or not... the NHLPA site has taken down the contract terms they used to post and now it just shows what guys will make next year...]
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    Originally posted by BuonRotto

    That's an interesting option, bunge. Just bring the whole team over. This would be the chance to get the financial bargain right the first time too.

    I'm for anything that can return Hockey to a better state of existence. Being a fan for the first 20 years of my life, I'm saddened by the last decade of the NHL's decline.
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    I tell you what I'd like to see: professional hockey players taking a stand for the fans and not demanding they be paid like all the other spoiled senseless atheletes. I'd like to continue to be able to say hockey players work harder, longer and do it for less money...willingly. There are so many good players out there who unlike their counterparts in other sports, do not hold out for maximum dollars every time their contract is up.

    A lot of guys will take less money if it means his team is able to keep another good player on for another year / have a run at the Cup. Hockey players are in many ways the most unselfish of all athletes because of the team concept behind the game itself. Holding out for huge salary just because you had a good year last year can be a very unpopular thing in NHL locker rooms. In other sports it's just expected.
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