"Firewire 800" vs. Gigawire



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    There is NO problem mixing 400Mb/sec firewire with 800Mb/sec firewire. No more than mixing 100Mb/sec firewire which was the original spec and some digital cameras still use.

    The only thing you have to do is put the slower devices at the end of the chain. Apple provides one 800 to 400 connector so all you have to do is use that connector on your last 800 device.

    (don't try to do this with USB however, you'll slow everything down to a crawl unless you use a USB 2.o hub. USB sucks)
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    [quote] Not true. Speeds up to 3.2 Gigabit will be possible at up to 4.5 meters with the 9-pin connector Apple has provided. 3.2 Gigabit FireWire has not been released yet, however. <hr></blockquote>

    My bad. The Maccentral story was a little confusing but I hadn't heard about the 3.2 figure just 1600 Mega bit.

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