Anyone still using OS 9 full time?

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Just curious

What's the reason?


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    sc_marktsc_markt Posts: 1,393member

    Originally posted by Leonis

    Just curious

    What's the reason?

    Heck I'm still using OS 8.6. And I don't think you can't even buy OS 9 anymore.

    The reason: I like my 8600 even though it only has a 50MHz bus, a 2Gig HD, and integrated graphics with a whopping 2Meg of VRAM.

    I've also been waiting for a chip like the 970 to come along before retiring my 8600.

    Can't wait to use OS X.
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    I was until about a month ago. I have a 266Mhz G3 at home. I tried to install Jaguar to see how it would work but no go. Either way, I would have trouble printing on my GCC laser printer (costs money to upgrade a board), my scanner will probably not work, my DVD drive will at least not run DVD's and I may have sound problems. I don't know these things from my own experience, but from reading what has been posted to web sites. Even if I could get OSX to load, I would have been booting into classic a lot anyway.

    I did load OSX at work (University research lab) and I'm the only one using it. I boot back to OS9 for the others in the lab when I get off the computer. Why? Most (nearly all important) apps are OS9 and people know OS9. We also have some old scanners etc running off SCSI cards on our G4's. Our computers are new enough to work well with Jaguar, but the cost of upgrading the software and peripherals is too much at this time. I can see the reasons to switch to OSX (Safari instead of iCab/Explorer etc; Mail instead of Eudora with ads; Ease of making PDF's; stability of OSX-not classic; the new sherlock) but others in the lab just know enough about how things work in OS9 and aren't crazy to re-learn. I expect we won't use OSX until we buy a new computer that can only boot into OSX and that may be some time in the future. We still have beige boxes around being used. There is little money in research for buying computers, peripherals and software. This despite the fact that we use these tools more than most others. Fudning agencies don't like their money "wasted" on these things when it should be paying for lab supplies and experiments. My situation is not unusual. I see old Macs all over the University and they have very long lives. OS9 and older will be around for some time.
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    Yes, along with my rotary phone, the hand crank starter on my car, and the two sticks I rub together to build a fire.
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    Originally posted by sc_markt

    Heck I'm still using OS 8.6. And I don't think you can't even buy OS 9 anymore.

    Sure you can... right here. Its funny though that not even developers have access to the disk images of OS 9 anymore on ADC... only the 9.2 GM upgrade image. In a more related note, I don't even have classic installed on either of my two machines

    [email protected]
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    My sister is still on 9.

    I gave her my old Tangerine iBook about three years ago and lately it's had a lot of small issues, so this morning I talked her through a reformat/reinstall (I'm in California, she's in Virginia).

    She's starting her own business that involves design (PhotoShop, Quark) and she knows she will need to upgrade eventually, but she dislikes the looks of my little PowerBook and won't soon give up the clam-shell iBook.
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    Originally posted by Cake

    She's starting her own business that involves design (PhotoShop, Quark) and she knows she will need to upgrade eventually, but she dislikes the looks of my little PowerBook and won't soon give up the clam-shell iBook.

    She's starting a design business on a computer with an 800x600 screen? That's worse than OS 9.
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    At this point, it's more a creative outlet/passion thing as opposed to a business simply to make money.

    She lives on a farm way out in the country with her family - slow pace, a nice quiet beautiful life.

    Now, when I get out there, I'm bored after a day or two.

    I need my DSL, I need my Macs, I need my PeeCee gaming rig, DirecTV/TiVo etc.

    She's not interested in any of that and her little iBook is all she needs - for now.

    If the business takes off (initial response has been very positive), she knows that she'll have to bump up to OS X and leave the iBook behind.

    When I get my G5 in a few months, I'm going to give her my 533DP G4, so that should help things.
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    Cool. Didn't mean to sound like I was slammimg her. Hopefully she'll get your G4 soon.
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    jammjamm Posts: 37member

    I was slammimg her

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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    My wife's iBooks is still on 9. It shipped with something less than 10.2. I tried to upgrade it with the disk from my 12" PB but it wants to format the drive. So I'm going to wait for 10.3 to bring it up.

    She's puttin' pressure on me though. She wants to use iPhoto.
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    wwworkwwwork Posts: 140member

    Originally posted by Cake

    Now, when I get out there, I'm bored after a day or two.

    I need my DSL, I need my Macs, I need my PeeCee gaming rig, DirecTV/TiVo etc.


    It's so exciting in the city - in a darkened room watching TV, playing games, looking at the internet...

    There are plenty of reasons to use OS 9 or even 8.6 or whatever. If you are just writing emails, letters and looking at the internet it's fine. I got a lot of web development, photoshop and quark work done on my old 604 power computing machine. I could still get a lot of work done on it.

    I'm curious if anyone is still using OS 7.6

    That's old.
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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    We have a machine running OS 9.1 at work because of certin software modules that work with photoshop that aren't working with OS X yet. However the good news is that at work I use a G4 with OS X on it and just run PS in classic. =)

    ...also he hasn't updated the OS 9 computer to a new one because he really likes his Beige G3 (its upgraded alot)
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member

    Originally posted by Ensign Pulver

    She's starting a design business on a computer with an 800x600 screen? That's worse than OS 9.

    It's just a tool, man. Why, I've even heard stories of magazines designed and posters illustrated on Macs back in *gasp* 1991 or so!

    Up until the late 90's or so, if you had a 17" running at 1024x768 you were the King Daddy Graphics Master. Some people are more into the creative angle than being a tech/spec hound. One man's 800x600 is another's Cinema Display.

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    vortexvortex Posts: 18member
    I'm just waiting until I get my own iBook/PowerBook when I head off to college next year. Until then, I'm stuck with my aging 266 MHz G3 Tower (beige). It's a great machine, but multiple users login is sooo slow, and it crashes all the time because of crappily coded apps like Word and AIM.

    I want Mac OS X!
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    imacfanimacfan Posts: 444member
    I was until three weeks ago, on an iBook 466Mhz. 800x600 is awfully low for OSX, but seems far more roomy back in 9. Also, you get used to whatever you use all the time, so you only notice how small it is when you use someone else's bigger screen.

    Anyhow, there are some things that OS 9 does better. Like running deus Ex and VPC 4.0

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    the Design Academy I teach at is still entirely OS 9

    Quark 4 and ATM Font Management (Bitstream) are keeping the Graphic Design folks there.

    Until the printing industry switches to Quark 6, the school won't (Q6 won't save back to 4)

    maybe Fontbook in Panther will encourage a switch

    maybe InDesign will gradually become more popular

    but as long as we're teaching "industry standard tools", we'll have to stick with what's supported

    for Graphic Designers in this market, that means Quark 4 and ATM, which means OS 9

    the New Media folks are playing with OS X (for DreamWeaver/Flash/Director MX)

    but if they want correct Font output, they're often forced back to 9

    one of these days...
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    yevgenyyevgeny Posts: 1,148member
    I still have OS 8.0 installed on my old PM 8500 at my parent's house. The reason? It doesn't get used.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    I went to X full-time at home about a year-and-a-half ago (when I bought my G4 iMac in March 2002). I've only had to use OS 9 at my current job (but we're switching to Panther because we're using the Holy Trio of Adobe apps for publishing: InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator) and I'm wholeheartedly recommending FontAgent Pro as our font management solution.

    No reason, other than momentum, for us to continue putzing around with OS 9.


    Just so happens that our two printers (a networked color Minolta and a Brother laser), our two scanners (a Microtek and an Epson) and a Kodak DC-290 digital camera are all supported by OS X.

    So there's really no reason not to, other than helping the guy I work with along a bit. He fusses a bit about going from PageMaker 6.5 (jeez...) to InDesign, but, deep down, he knows it's better.

    Totally a case of someone coming into the platform a bit sideways, learning on System 8 and PageMaker and simply accepting of the fact that your daily worklife has to entail all these silly workarounds, extra steps, doing without certain looks on a page, etc. And he's actually bought into some bullcrap myths told to him by - get this - a PC person about Macs and networking, Macs and printing, Macs and fonts, etc. Doesn't use keyboard shortcuts, doesn't use the pen tool (magic wands things), etc.

    Just a bit "old school" and set in his ways. I'll fix that!

    HE, not OS X or any hardware/software issues, is the biggest obstacle or "bridge to cross" in the migration to X!

    But I don't ever want to see OS 9 again, after we switch at work. Not a day goes by that I don't have some stupid networking, printing, stability, etc. glitch that I NEVER encounter in X.

    This place was pieced together by people who, I'm convinced, weren't very savvy in certain areas. I can't WAIT to tear it all down and build it back up the RIGHT way. The modern, relatively "crash-less" OS X way.

    So glad I gave up Quark nearly two years ago. So glad I had Suitcase 10 in the interim to help with my fonts. So glad I found FontAgent Pro. So glad Panther is on the way.

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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    I still use OS 9 full time. One of my computers can not run OS X (Beige G3 with Voodoo 5500) and my laptop, well, I just upgraded the ram so it should work but my hard drive is still small. (6 GB) Besides, without floppy disk support in OS X, I couldn't install my mom's favorite game of Tetris. But I'm getting a G5 sometime so I don't need to spend $$ right now on OS X.

    I will always have a OS 9 machine so when that killer OS X virus sweeps the net and I am one of the few still posting here, I can still "".

    J/K 8)
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    709709 Posts: 2,016member
    Yes, on one machine only.

    Why? My annual Marathon/Doom PixelFest!
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