Processors by ibm so what do Sun want?

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I can't see IBM being overly impressed if Apple were to jump into bed with Sun but it would make the mid range unix market interesting ....


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    I can see why Sun would want to hitch a ride on Apple in order to bring back it's low-end strategy from the dead, but why would Apple bite? They wouldn't.

    As for IBM... IBM itself uses Intel Itanium2 (IA-64), Intel x86, and has plans AMD Opteron (x86-64). Why would they care about Sun latching onto Apple? They wouldn't be losing PPC sales, unless you think Apple's going to start using UltraSPARC III/i, IV, and V chips... If anything, it would probably put PPC into Sun's forward strategy.

    EDIT: Also, Sun also uses both Intel CPUs in its low-end server/workstations and AMD mobile Athlon XPs in its x86 server blades, so adding PPC into the mix isn't entirely out of the question for them. Sun's message to its customers is shouldn't care what brands of components may reside in your hardware, only that it works.
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    I think its just that Sun would like to work with Apple - nothing else. Unless ofcourse we see a new super server... hehe
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    Sun's got a problem, and that problem is that their future roadmap seems DOA. Both USIV and USV seem to be engineering disasters, buried in their own complexity. Right now a moderately-specced Blade 150 single-processor 650mhz USIII is more expensive than a dual 2GHz G5, not to mention the far more expensive (and up to dual 1.2) Blade 1000 series.

    Perhaps PPC should be back on Sun's roadmap.

    Keep in mind Sun and Apple were partners for a short time, just after the takeover. Sun, however, killed their OpenStep on Solaris project, and ended the partnership.
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