G5 Marketing Begins Mid August in September Magazines



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    Originally posted by Ensign Pulver

    She's not his [email protected]*%ing mother! He's in his twenties. She's in her twenties. They are boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife living in the same house.

    How is that not obvious?

    Are you the girl in the add? ...as if I've offended you personally.

    Now that I've looked closer I see that you are right. But at first glance I see a teenager (the way he dresses) and a classy lady. The two just don't go together.
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    Originally posted by zoozx27

    Next year, no way.

    They can knock em out really fast now. The only hold up is getting the HD's loaded with the op system. They do this before the things are put in the machines. Hundreds at a time.

    I'd expect to see machines 7 days or less after gold master. All orders filled within a months time.

    Just don't start looking for any deliveries until a GM of one of the systems is finished which could be any day now. G5 buyers will most certainly get a free up to Panther. Jobs would be run out of town if he sold new machines with x.2.7 then turned around a month latter and shipped them with Panther, screwing early purchasers.

    No way, Apple is not that classless.

    And frankly...we don't know if maybe it went GM last month. 10.2.7 for G4 owners is quite well different from 10.2.7 for the G5. And even then - Apple has before seeded a build that 2-3 weeks later was called GM.

    We don't know.
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