WOW, head spinning with new camera options!



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    Originally posted by GardenOfEarthlyDelights

    I was going to post this earlier, but I couldn't wipe the drool off the keyboard.



    I've been eyeing the 10D for a long time, but meine Frau has different ideas on what to do with $2k. But $1k for you, $1k for me could work. I have a Canon 70-200 mm L-lens just looking for something to do.

    Argh, those wives. They can never get their priorities straight.

    From what I've read so far, the Digital Rebel has the same sensor and autofocus system as the 10D. Those are the two most important elements. I can live with a plastic body instead of metal. I can live with a smaller buffer. And I can live without 3200 ISO sensitivity, all for a savings of ca. US$600.

    The only caveat when comparing the Digital Rebel with lens at US$1000 to the Sony and Minolta pseudo-SLR competition is that the Rebel's standard lens is slow and short, while the latest crop of pseudo-SLRs has fast and long zooms. So if you're only going to have a single zoom lens, a pseudo-SLR may still be the best choice. You'll certainly have less problems with dust on your sensor.

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    You'll need a lot more than a good lens and a Dslr body. Add Photoshop 7, lots of big (ie. at least 512MB) compact flash cards, adapters, and you'll want to get an external flash and other lens. Trust me, a 70-200, while a superb lens, will have you yearning for a wider angle lens - like a 17-35.

    Keep in mind the 1.6x factor (your 70-200 is actually a 105-300mm equivalent lens); great for wildlife but difficult to use for group/panorama shots.

    Canon is taking the Epson printer approach: sell seemingly cheap printers and nail you on the ink cartridges.


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    If nothing else it puts pressure on the rest of the market to make spuedo SLRs cheaper and/or intro true (if entry level) DSLR systems.

    ALl good, excpet the insane Canadian conversion ($200O CAD folks, even more perverse than Apple's conversion rates. Luckily NY is a hop skip and a jump, and nice enough that it needs no camera hunting excuse as a reason for a visit.

    AS to the speed, the much higher ISO 1600 and 6X bigger sensor should equalize things, though you'll shoot a little differently, and it does come with an 18-55 (which works out to 28-90 with the 1.6x crop factor) Not too bad. And you'll be able o get a convincingly shallow DOF effect, unlike the 828 et al.

    One thing though, and we should wait for reviews to confirm. Lenses that you buy specifically for the canon APS size may not work with other/future Canon bodies, something about back-focus that I've been reading -- the 18-55 ONLY works with the 300D. I'm sure 10D users have better lenses anyway (mebbe not any APS friendly wides yet) but you have to think about that if you were thinking to migrate lenses to a future body.
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