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Have a little problem with wolfy, i can't get the console to appear. If you have the same problem or an answer for it post here plz.

Thx in advance


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    maniamania Posts: 104member
    yer supposed to hit the tilda key ~
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    fieldorfieldor Posts: 213member
    Yeah that's the problem it won't work here with the tilda key. Could it be a problem with our keyboard? (it's a mac keyboard)
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    knappaknappa Posts: 106member
    Just to clear something up: it's a European (azerty) keyboard. Since we have to use a combination of keys to get a tilde, this doesn't work. Does anyone know whether it's possible to change the command line-key in some editable file ?

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    keshkesh Posts: 621member

    In your RtCW folder is a folder called Main. Open that, and there's a file named 'wolfconfig.cfg'. There should be a line in that file which reads:


    bind ~ "toggleconsole"

    Change the tilde to whatever key you want. Do the same in 'wolfconfig_mp.cfg' for your multiplayer games.
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    fieldorfieldor Posts: 213member
    THX Kesh, it has to work now.

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    knappaknappa Posts: 106member
    You're right, Kesh... Tried it out & it's working now.

    Now comes another question. I'm trying to cheat (I know, I shouldn't ) by starting Wolfenstein while pressing the shift key and then entering '+set sv_cheats 1', but when I try using a code in the console, I get a line saying something like 'This server doesn't allow cheating'.

    Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong ?


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