A little survey to iPod owners

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Question 1) How many songs in your iPod?

Question 2) Have you ever filled up your iPod with only songs and no data?

Just curious.

Back to long time ago when I acquired the 5GB iPod I really had trouble filling it up with just songs. I tried so hard and I only filled up around 2.1GB of space with 382 songs...and many of them are crap songs that I don't bother listen to.

I am now using a Samsung Yepp player with 256MB storage and still having hard time filling it up. Call me nuts but I really can't


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    ryukyuryukyu Posts: 448member
    1557 songs, 6.5 gb and still have some CDs that I haven't ripped yet.
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    You can't fill a 256 MB MP3 player?

    "You're a strange animal, that's what I know...."

    Whoa. That song just popped up out of nowhere. It's that damn iPod in my mind!! (thanks again for that link, Flounder)

    Seriously though man, I have 16GB of tunes right now, and I'd say at least 10 are MUST HAVE.

    You are certainly not iPod material.
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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    I've ripped over 60 GB of CDs so my little 15 GB iPod is always rotating its stock. I don't hold more than a few megs of backup on the drive either.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    My first iPod, a 5GB, was filled completely and I had about 500MB that I couldn't fit on it.

    Now my MP3 collection has grown to about 6.5GB but my new 10GB iPod handles it fine.
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    flounderflounder Posts: 2,674member
    I currently have about 4.5 gigs on my 15. I've probably got 2 gigs more that I haven't gotten around to putting in yet.
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    spazspaz Posts: 58member
    5226 songs on my 30g iPod, taking up a little over 20g of space.
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    How can you guys have so many songs?!

    Even on my tower there are only 529 songs.....but I do listen to net radio all the time.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    I have abour 1200 songs on 6.5 GB, give or take. It's a lot of partial CDs but I'm tending to import an entire CD as soon as I buy it now. That is, if I buy a CD in the first place.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    I have 1692 songs and a bunch of TV episodes of Firefly and Family Guy. Also software updates/cool movies/small programs. 18GB free on my 30 GB iPod.
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    gabidgabid Posts: 477member
    My 5 giger is essentially full. There's probably enough space for a couple new songs but not enough for a full album. Too bad since there are quite a few more CDs I'd like to rip. Should've gone for the 10 gig!
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    My 10 gig iPod is always crammed with mp3s and rotating them, with a full cycle completing probably once every two months (although some essentials stay on there forever). Right now, I have 10737 songs (51 GB) in iTunes, and that's not nearly half of what I have. To be honest, I'm holding off the purchase of a new iPod untill they seriously up the capacity. 30 gigs just ain't gonna do it for me. And that may be showing off, or else, incriminating me, but untill you all came out, I had never thought it was possible that there are people carrying around a half full, or even less than half full iPod. How's that at all possible? You must be picky, Leonis!
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    I. 836 Songs, 2.5 days, 6.17GB on a 15GB iPod

    II. no
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    2658 songs, 6.8 days, 15.01 GB on my 30 GB iPod. I only listen to a few hundred songs with any sort of regularity since they're almost all albums with lots of filler crap.
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    gardnerjgardnerj Posts: 167member
    About 21G of ripped music 350 in cd's but my 10g original ipod is only about 75% full.

    A useful feature would ipod/itunes stats ie number of times downloaded to ipod, number of times played in full, number of times skipped by song/album/artist etc. that would allow me to rotate music more efficiently. i know i have a number of albums on my ipod that i only listen to a handful of tracks, there should be someway of showing this ...
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    markivmarkiv Posts: 180member
    I have about 800 songs on my iPod (10 GB), it still has about 2 Gb of space left. I might have some data on it, cannot check, as I don't have a mac yet.
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    ~800 songs at any given time on my 5gig, never a free byte (ok, I suppose there may a free byte, but it's as full as I can get it). I'm working on re-encoding my collection because I had to format my HD when I partitioned for Panther. I'm waiting until this iPod dies before I go BIG.
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    1) about 3000 something, of which some are over 70-80 minutes long.

    2) yes
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    thuh freakthuh freak Posts: 2,664member
    i have 2721, 7.8 Days, 10.99GB. I used to use the remaining giggage on my 20Giger with seasons 1-13 of the Simpsons episodes (totally, around 9Gigs). I cut a few seasons when i needed some space. Then cut all of them recently when my hd was nearing disaster. I have my old ~/Library and various files still on there, incase my main drive goes.

    p.s. i love responding to people's questions on the ipod around work. "How much can it hold?" "I have about 8 days of music on it now." "8 hours, that's pretty good." "8 days. And its only half full." "Wow."
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    jrcjrc Posts: 805member
    2,034 songs. 8.8 GB
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    You guys are insane
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