G4 or G5? Help please!

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Hello folks

I really hope you can help out. I've got myself in a real buying indecision nightmare. I can't make up my mind whether to go for a single processor 1.25 G4, a dual 1.25 G4, or the 1.6 G5. I can't afford the higher G5 models and even then i can only get the 1.6 by going combodrive. We'll be working mostly with illustrator and photoshop and some digital video and web design. You see, i guess i just don't understand the processor element - i know to max up ram and i know why - but with money tight, i wonder if a single 1.25 will do? i really hope you folks can come back on this one with advice. i won't be able to buy another machine for 3 years - that's the budget!

best wishes



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    honestly dude get the g5, it'll be worth more in the long run. and sides they are shipping now supposedly. On the other hand I'm using a single 1.25 on the interim at work until my dual g5 we ordered comes in, which will be a day after forever it feels like. But the single I'm using is fairly fast, I do photoshop and illustrator all day, but with a g5 you have a lot more help with video editing I bet, and thats something I do at least 5 hours a day - Final Cut Pro baby. And let me tell you FCP4 is a resource hog.

    so get the g5 you'll smile and order a coke once you have.
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    my personal rule of thumb ....

    ALWAYS buy the newest computer you can scrape up the CASH for... It will last sooooo musch longer.

    Will a G4 still be a useable high-end machine 2-3 years from now ? ... probably not.... but the G5 1.6 (while it will be dated) will still be fairly useable in 2-3 years.

    personally, I'm gonna go for the 1.8 .... who knows where software is going to go ... in the near future, that extra ram capacity and PCI-X may be worth the extra money over the 1.6.
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    G5. The higher bus speed will really help you out in the long run (since you are doing data intensive work), and the machines are just plain all around better.
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