Populate OR Perish...



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    Originally posted by Towel

    I guess that's why we're richer than everyone else. \

    And you wonder why Americans are disliked? Keep making these sort of statements....
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    Originally posted by jwri004

    And you wonder why Americans are disliked? Keep making these sort of statements....

    Hmm...wonder if there are enough europeans for me to get across by just sleeping at AI'ers
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    the US should have laws about how many kids one can have. you should have to pass an IQ test in order to have kids
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    This thread degenerate : don't allow it or i will fix it ...
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    Originally posted by jwri004

    And you wonder why Americans are disliked? Keep making these sort of statements....

    I guess the smiley didn't properly convey the emotion (pangs of distraught remorse) attached to that statement. I was a little upset at the thought that we Americans live unsustainable lives, using unsustainable amounts of resources. Our lives are overworked, unfulfilled, and unhappy. Yes, we are rich, but I think the European model of taking time out of life to live has quite a bit of merit. And might be good for our demographic problem by encouraging people to work longer and retire later. Which smiley should I have chosen?
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    I believe the US population is growing pretty steadily due to immigration of Hispanics. They currently are the largest minority group in the US. I think within 100 years they will be the largest ethnic group in the US. I just hope as they come into positions of power and influence that they don't become mired in the BS that is existence and they breathe some new life into the stagnant cultural and political face of America.
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    Originally posted by Aquafire

    But rather than wait for that time..I'd prefer to meet them half way and massively boost our migrant intake..

    Sure, there will be short term problems..but human capital is our only hope....

    At the end of the day it's " populate or perish. "

    A fine statement, but does have its own problems.

    The intake of migrants would only have a deterimental effect on an already straining public purse - ie. the taxpayer - unless its of a skilled and in-demand workforce.

    Australia has had a scheme of immigration for skilled workers for years now and they seem to still be in short supply, and problems with "illegals" are continuously on the increase.

    The main factor in all of this is a simple yet dire problem of our own governments making.

    The fact of the matter is this...an ever more expensive cost of living, combined with lower wages and higher taxes, is driving more and more people in richer countries to put off having a family until later in life, sometimes put off until its too late.

    Increasing costs in living and maintaining a good quality of life have made the current way of working incompatible with having a family, however large or small, simply because the man in a relationship is forced to work longer hours just to pay the bills and a woman is forced to work rather than start a family because of the expense of having a child-minder/creche which usually wouldn't be met by an average wage.

    Inflation has been the destructive force behind this and our governments have a lot to answer for.

    If they want to populate, then they should concentrate on their own nationals - giving them a reason to start that family (financial security) - rather than try to encourage an influx of immigrants which would only put more strain on the system.

    In short ... Better wages - less working hours - more tax breaks.

    My $0.02

    Waddya think??
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