New ibooks?



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    Well, I quess you have a good point there..........about the touch screen.

    Maybe that's why all the PC tablets are running 2199 to 2799........Dollars.

    Actually, I thought it was a lame idea, until I tried one at an airport. I was traveling, had a layover, so I played with one at a Microsoft Tablet Operating System demonstration stand. I surfed the Web wirelessly and it all worked quite well. I was surprised.

    The Tablet configuration really is a viable technology.
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    I remember when the first Imac came out there were touch screens available for it......... for about 400 Dollars. The touch screens came in two overlay and the other behind a screen.

    Speculation: let's add this to current iBook prices

    999.00 +400 = 1399.00 12"

    1299.00 + 400 = 1699.00 12"

    I realize that this is a rough approximaton.........but, hey what's a guy to do?

    I would imagine that touch screens are cheaper now and that a manufacturer (Apple) could muster even better numbers.
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