Is Adobe paranoid?



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    Originally posted by TommyBrando

    They have repeatedly come to market with apps that slap down the competition (because they are usually free, or at least much better value).

    They have done so when 3rd party software companies weren't offering what was needed. Or in some cases they have made it far better then what was available. That's to be commended not bashed. It's all about who can make a better product. It's called competition. It's also good business sense to make available to the user base what 3rd party software companies aren't offering.

    More and more 3rd party software companies have been alienating the Mac platform. Someone has to fill the holes. Right? Otherwise the Mac would starve to death. Weren't for Apple's apps, the Mac would be in serious trouble. Who cares if Apple steps on a few toes to avail us with great software, most 3rd party software companies have made the Mac a second class citizen. F*** them.
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    this is a warning shot across the bow of Apple by Adobe saying

    "move any closer to our core market and we will kill Photoshop and watch you choke".

    this is Adobe's way of saying:

    "don't do iOffice...but if you do - it better not be iOFFICEandDESIGN".

    somewhere in the bowels of Cupertino sits a person whose job it is to imagine and plan for what life will be like after the bomb drops.

    the bomb [s] is Photoshop. everyone knows it.

    the bomb is also Office. and everyone knows that too.

    but times they are a changing and there may come a day when Apple has to make a move.

    there has to be an iWEB editor in the Apple fallout shelter. maybe iDesign too. along with iIllustrate, iFlash and other iOrphans that are huddled under the sink listening for that distinct whistling sound that a bomb makes as it's hurtling toward you.

    Apple wouldn't buy a graphics suite company outright unless the competitions bombs were already confirmed in the air. a "buy" of that sort would be a precedent that could allow Microsoft to plunder the earth in a way we've only dreamed about.


    Apple has to humbly pop out an iBaby every now and again and creep toward self sufficiency. then it must soothe-say it's way back into favor if it wants to live to fight another day.
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    I've been watching Adobe for a few years now. I didn't like their attitude or Quark's when Apple was in transition to 'X'. They weren't very reassuring. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    Still, Adobe is still around and should be at least until Photoshop 9 or 10!

    Photoshop 7 seems a little slow to me compared to Photoshop 4. Maybe it's an 'X' thing? Or an Adobe 'bloat' thing? A bit of both?

    Still, nothing a G5 and Panther won't cure?


    Apple seem to be increasing their range of software and aiming, long term, to being a software company who is less dependent on hardware. But this has been happening for a while.

    What they do if M$ drops Office and Adobe drop Photoshop?

    Both are unlikely for the foreseeable future.

    But Apple have Adobe outclassed on each Apple vs Adobe software at the moment. And should Adobe start doing any 'sabre' rattling...I'm sure Apple can ratalliate with a 'Final Cut Pro' style assault on Photoshop. They're sitting on Shake! iShake anybody? (They could buy Painter 8 off Corel and blend it with Shake and iPhoto with Apple's touch and you'd have serious Photoshop competition...)

    Photoshop is 'great' (I love it...) but I don't think it's THAT great that Apple couldn't compete with it or M$'s Office (should they plull the plug...)

    I'm not worried. When Apple ACTUALLY compete? They tend to nuke the opposition. I think they have some very talented software guys. Was it Fred Anderson who says Apple now have around 600 folks working on Apple's software! That aint too far behind in R&D spend to 'X' or the hardware... It's not hard to see where Apple are going...

    I'm not sure the sacred cows out there are going to like it...

    Pontification over.

    Lemon Bon Bon

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    Adobe's apps get slower as they grow more modular, more feature-rich (or bloated), more stylish (or cluttered), etc. I think marketers have ultimately taken over developers at Adobe. The latter don't seem to write fast apps any more since stability is more a selling point than speed. They can always say, and recently do so, that slow hardware is to blame. And Adobe is not alone: look at MS, Macromedia, Quark. Their flagship products get slower faster than hardware can get faster (a great quote from a source I don't remember). These days it's all about money. That's why gone is the time when we had point updates (like Quark 3.11 and Photoshop 2.51). Add a minor feature to version 5, redraw icons and sell the same crap as version 7. That's the price we pay for cloning sales people and market research teams beyond control or reason.

    Back to the topic. I think it's only PR because Apple, unlike M$, doesn't have enough dollar resources to write a Photoshop killer. Nor does it have a reason to. Why do they say they're concerned? I suppose Adobe's profits are far from their best times and they bark at every passer-by to keep a burglar away.
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    doesn't have enough dollar resources to write a Photoshop killer.

    ...4 billion of 'em?

    Lemon Bon Bon
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    Could Apple use Gimp as base to do a iShop ? Like Safari...
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    Originally posted by jeromba

    Could Apple use Gimp as base to do a iShop ? Like Safari...

    iShop? Will this sucker money-spending women to use a graphics app?
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    Originally posted by kim kap sol

    iShop? Will this sucker money-spending women to use a graphics app?

    you're confused... that's iShoes
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