IBM's new Linux TV ad rocks

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    IT'S NOT GOOD -- IT IS AWESOME!!! One more thing: Ali!
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,261member
    I'm impressed. Pretty cool idea there.

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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    [broken record mode]Again, nicer than anything I've seen from Apple in three years...[/broken record mode]

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    stevesteve Posts: 523member
    Man, that makes me want to fire up my Lindows box.
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    has it aired anywhere yet?

    it was very impressive.

    and aside from the mustache (what's up with that?) muhammad ali looked and sounded fantastic.

    i saw:

    penny marshall("everything's about timing kid")

    henry l. gates (collecting data is only the...")

    john wooden ("a player who makes a team great....")

    who was the guitarist? the others?
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    There's no reason Apple couldn't/shouldn't have done something like this with OS X. But any time I've mentioned the prospect of there being SOME sort of OS X commercial, everyone goes "yeah, how boring would that be?" or "pscates, how would you do a commercial like that? It's boring and you can't show the OS in 30 seconds and...".

    You're thinking too literally, people.

    This is a nice commercial that just puts a good spin on it all, has a nice "look" to it and does it the other way (DOESN'T beat you over the head with numbers, specs, etc....which I've never called for anyway).

    You should learn to recognize when you're in the presence of greatness and that most stuff spilling out of my mouth is dead-on and should be heeded...for the betterment of Apple and all involved.

    I'm KIDDING!!!

    A little...

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    709709 Posts: 2,016member

    (I think Murbot's sig went to somebody's head...)


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    c-bearc-bear Posts: 111member
    Do they mean Linux from Peanuts?
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    Basically this ad is to tell the public that Linux does exist and most importantly.....slam that stupid SCO
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,261member
    I guess it would be mean to tell pscates now that my old sig was completely sarcastic, and meant as a personal insult.

    heh heh

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    spazspaz Posts: 58member

    Originally posted by C-Bear

    Do they mean Linux from Peanuts?

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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Ah! Hey, I forgot about that sig. I was just being silly.

    But I still think a neat OS X commercial is possible and should be made.

    Was it really a slam? Eek...
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,261member
    No dude, it wasn't.
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    Excellent ad, could've been even for hard hitting and specifically anti-MS though.

    Apple needs exactly such a campaign for OS X. Perhaps Panther is what they are waiting for.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    All the eBusiness IBM ads rule this one. This one tries to be inspiring, but it ends up being as flat as your average Apple ad...
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that IBM has come a very long way since the infamous 1984 ad? 'Cuz you know in 1984 Big Brother was IBM, not Microsoft. I couldn't help but revel in a minute long smile after seeing that ad, thinking to myself that these are, indeed, interesting times we live in.
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    resres Posts: 711member
    Damn; now that is a powerful commercial! I would love to see something even half as forceful for an Apple product.
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    ipeonipeon Posts: 1,122member
    Very nice. It tells so much with so little. Very reminiscent to Apple's 1984 ad in many ways. Only this time the target is M$ and not IBM. Heh, what goes around comes around. Who would have thought back in 1984 that the then monopolist IBM would be allying with Apple in an effort to strengthen STANDARDS. Sweet.
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    I think Apple should return to the "Think Different" theme, the whole idea and manifesto was pretty powerful. "Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. Think different." from the "Think Different" manifesto will be my senior quote for my yearbook in 2005.
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    ipeonipeon Posts: 1,122member

    Originally posted by Mac Man 020581

    I think Apple should return to the "Think Different" theme...

    I disagree. "Think Different" has negative annotations now. M$ is the one who is different. The current vision is "Think Standards."
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