What's the fuss with the G5? PC still has a big lead...



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    Awwww! I was jus' funnin'. I'm sorry paw, I won't do it again.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,427member

    Originally posted by SS Manic Devlin

    Is this how mac users respect?

    Yes this is what you get for dumbazz posts. Yawn. SS give us something we can work with besides your childish incompetence.
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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    It's people like SS that make everyone think that all 13 year olds(am I giving him too much credit calling him that old?) are stupid brats when it comes to computers.
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    ringoringo Posts: 329member
    So where exactly is the proof that Opteron is faster than a G5? Or cheaper?

    Matter of fact... while you have accused everyone else of lying, can you back up any of your claims other than the fact that there's eventually going to be a version of Windows XP that will run on these CPUs?

    (There was once a version of NT 4 that would run on PowerMacs)

    *puts a hotdog on a string attached to a stick and dangles it in the troll cage*

    Watch him dance!
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    This thread reminds me of when the G5 was comming out and all us Apple users where talking about how it was going to catch us up to PC speeds. Now its funny to see the PC guys dance aroudn saying DUDE when this chip comes out will will finially catch up with what a company with 3% of the market came out with.
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    I realize that my posting this has no effect on him....

    But why does he even bother posting in a forum titled "APPLEinsider" ??? Does he think he will singlehandedly convince us that we should switch to windows ? Anymore than I thinik I could convince him that he should switch to MacOS ?


    There is nothing wrong with Intel chips or AMD chips they are just built differently .... there is, however a bit of a problem (in my experience) with the Windows OS ... I have used 95,98,2000, and XP .... none are as stable FOR ME as OSX... all have had driver/compatability problems that just don't exist in OSX .... OSX has NEVER crashed on me (except for when I had a bad RAM chip installed, causing KPs).

    I'm sure there are folks that have had good experiences with MSWindows too ... I'm just not one of them.

    And if you can afford to buy a new G5, then shelling out an extra $125 for an optimized OS (Panther) is not a problem !

    ok, ... I'm done (for now)
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    He's a troll, man. Don't feed him. Just ignore him, and let the thread die. Posting questions like that, or even continuing with this thread are exactly what a troll feeds off of. They don't last long on this board anyway, because members start to ignore them pretty quick. Just let this one shrivel up and die, please.
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    *Sits down with a bisquit... Didnt see the signs... Start waving it....*

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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    One last bit of work to do before I go.


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