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    fire - a chat program that allows you chat on mutliple networks.(i still use ichat av, but you might want to try it)

    candybar - allows you to change system icons (from the same company as transmit - which does kick ass)

    cd session burner - more options for burning cd's

    myster - another p2p - especially good for getting software if you want to risk (i'm not condoning it, but i'm giving you the choice)

    pixadex - maintains your icons - 19.99 for full version

    recomendations that have already been mentioned -

    transmit - if you use an ftp for anything, this is the one to get (worth buying too)

    mplayer osx - one of the worst interfaces ever and has a lot of problems but i haven't something that it can't play yet

    mozilla firebird/thunderbird - just about anything from mozilla.org is great

    poisoned - just in case you're in the mood to get sued today

    wiretap - eh, why not?

    sorry i didn't provide links to all of 'em but a google search should bring 'em all up.
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    and -

    www.unsanity.com has some cool programs, especially the clear dock program - lots of fun

    and surf around www.resexcellence.com to find tons of links and mods you can do
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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    I personnally like iSeek from Ambrosia.

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    I like PDF Browser Plugin. It's simply a browser plugin that lets you view PDFs directly in your browser (and then print and save them if you'd like), rather than making you download them and then launch Preview or Acrobat Viewer.

    I also use Adium, which is a well-designed Cocoa AIM client. Its tabbed interface beats having a screen full of chat windows, it has no advertising, and it isn't a CPU hog. It's also free and open source. There's a version 2.0 on the way which may support chat protocols beyond AIM.

    If you have investments in the US stock market (or just want to keep an eye on AAPL) you should check out Ticker. Simple, clean interface, and it's free.
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