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    Let me suggest two old standbys

    Tex-Edit Plus

    This is a superb text editor. Great for cleaning up email or text files from windows. It has lots of nice features for quickly modifying text. It has very strong support for Applescript. It has great support for multiple language scripts. It has great support for Apple's Text-to-Speech function. It has great support for many Apple technologies.

    Graphic Converter

    If you have no other app for dealing with images then get this one. This forum is not long enough to list all the features of this program. Basically, it can open virtually any image file and write to most of them. It also has a very nice image browser. And a nice slide show feature. And much, much more. Support is fantastic and legendary.

    I would also recommend Stone Studio Create for graphics drawing and web site creation.

    Regarding scheduled wake from sleep, try ResurreXtion. It seems to work and it is free!

    You can get all of these from Version Tracker and elsewhere.

    Regarding Version Tracker, if you pay for it then it is much better. I paid so I can't comment much on the free version.
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    There are some Mac only programs that are simply amazing and offer stuff not available on the pc. Logic and Digital Performer come to mind.

    One program that is often overlooked and is both simply stunning and reasonable priced is Softpress' Freeway Pro and it's FAST packs.

    This program is the best WYSIWYG webdesign program on the planet, and generates the cleanest code in the business. The additional FAST packs allow you to do stuff within Freeway that never seem to amaze mee. Sorry if this sounds like a commercial rant, but I'm just a very satisfied user, eversince version 2. Plus, custumor support is nothing but outstanding - should be a benchmark for other companies

    Check out Freeway Pro
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    Originally posted by Luca Rescigno

    Nevertheless, I couldn't find anything suitable. Mainly because I couldn't find a program that would ACTUALLY wake the computer from ?

    makes too much noise to leave on), but I need it to wake up a few minutes before my alarm goes off.

    Have a look at Alarm Clock Pro: It will schedule wake at any time you feel like it; its slightly expensive shareware at c.US$16, and its UI is rather ugly, but it does the job, and does it rather well. I've been using it for ages... I can't sleep with my MDD's original powersupply fans on, so the wake-from-sleep thing was pretty important.

    As for other software:

    Little Snitch ( is a cool program for the paranoid schizophrenic among us. It requires all programs attempting to connect to the internet from your machine to either get your permission, or to have this explicitly allowed by a preset rule. Good for catching trojan horses sending info from your machines, programs doing back-to-base reporting, etc.

    Mellel [] is a groovy word-processor, with good right-to-left typing support, good support for having multiple fonts/character sets within a set style, and an overall clean and easy to use interface.

    WordNet [] is an "online lexical reference" ? like a dictionary and thesaurus rolled into one. It's cool. If you get excited by linguistics. Um... yeah.

    DeKstasy ( is DJ mixing software for your Mac (emulating a dj's decks, which if you've never seen them is basically a bastardised mixing desk with cueing support, tempo- and pitch-bending and other effects built into it).
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    Originally posted by ZO

    MAB and some kleenex

    Uh. Thanks.

    Also try out Thoth for newsgroups. Very good app.
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