Is Bush going to withdraw early?



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    Originally posted by chu_bakka

    "A new, provocative documentary produced and directed by award winning filmmaker Robert Greenwald and sponsored by and The Center for American Progress will reveal the distortion of intelligence by the Bush Administration which lead to the first pre-emptive war in the history of the United States.

    The film has extensive and never before seen interviews with over 20 experts including former Ambassador Joe Wilson, former head of the CIA, Stansfield Turner, CIA operative Robert Baer, weapons inspector David Albright, the former U.S. DiplomatÊtoÊGreece, John Brady Kiesling, who resigned over the war, former anti-terrorism expert Rand Beers and more insiders at the CIA, the Pentagon, the foreign service and several weapons inspection teams. The information is hard hitting and uncensored."

    Sorry, I make it a policy not to watch anything further left than PBS's Frontline...have to be credable you know.
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    chu_bakkachu_bakka Posts: 1,793member
    I don't watch anything further Right than CNN... which means I just leave out Faux News.

    Probably have fewer misconceptions than Faux news viewers too.
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