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    Well, you jumped in before I eased up a bit and edited my post. Whatever, I agree with you and can't believe what a TROLL the guy has been lately.

    He doesn't even understand what he posts here. Says a lot.
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    I understand precisely what I post here.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member

    Originally posted by Kirkland

    It is the height of arrogance for you to think that a comment directed at someone else was actually meant for you. Stop appraising your own importance so highly.

    Do you call everybody you argue with arrogant?
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    Originally posted by chu_bakka

    As many as 1,200 students at Wheaton College will gather in the gym Friday night for the first real dance in the Christian school's 143-year history.

    Yoooooou gotta cut loose!


    Kick off those sunday shoes....

    All respect to Sir Mixalot, but it sounds like that particular Loggins song is more appropriate.

    Reminds me of a joke which I must preface was told to me by a Southern Baptist... Why don't baptists have sex standing up?

    A: Because someone might think they are dancing.
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    Everyone stop. You're turning Kirkland on.
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    Originally posted by Kirkland

    I understand precisely what I post here.

    Yeah I don't think anybody understands why you post here.

    It takes a really low bastard to pick on Fellowship.

    Anywhooo looks like this guy is going to run for govener later so that should be terrible.
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