Should Apple Build Speakers Into New Cinema Displays?



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    No, better to leave it to the consumer to decide upon the audio quality they desire for their set-up. Having speakers built into a display would result in either audio quality compromise, or (in the case of an excellent set of speakers) an unreasonably high Apple price tag to match.
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    Originally posted by KidRed

    hehe, I don't think they would get much quality out of Bose. Bose is all about marketing, no substance. I could go on, just don't think of Bose as a quality brand.

    Harmon Kardon is a much better partner.

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    No one seems to have considered the fact that the built in speakers could be a flat panel over the whole screen. These flat panels give high quality disbursed sound (ie you don't get sweet spots only precisely halfway between the two speakers). The only thing these speakers are not good at is bass, but you could always buy the iSub if you wanted that extra bass.

    Many flat screen monitor manufacturers already do this using SoundVu from NXT, eg NEC - see

    Agree that for many people, they may want to buy their own choice of separate speakers, but these actually cost comparatively little per unit over large volumes so it may not add much price and very very little size/weight so even if you don't end up using it, it may be worth them putting it on every screen for those who don't want to spend an extra £200 getting something better.
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