Things I learned from my Mom's 1.6GHz P4



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    My brothers Gateway 500 MHz Celeron with 96 MBs of RAM takakes about 20 or 30 seconds longer to boot into Windows 98 SE, and I use a PM 7300/180 with 32 MBS running MacOS 9.1 However if I boot the BeOS 5.0 Personal Edition it takes between 30 - 50 seconds to boot it, even after a crash, this may be in part to the BeOS's journalled filesystem, as well as being able to exzctrat 90 % of a hard drives throput capicity. Any of you guys willing to post Start up times for those nerw PM g4's that have impoprally shut down MacOS 9 or MacOS X (and you have to keep the warning dialouges checked. I'd love to see the responses
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    Update: After some more tinkering, we've gotten my Mom's 1.6 P4 to boot to the XP Desktop in just over a minute, so that part has improved at least. Launch times and such don't seem appreciably different from when I posted before but are nonetheless acceptable. Oh and the WiMP is a sorry excuse for an iTunes copy, but it's better than I suspected it might be. Kind of a cross between Audion and iTunes with the skins and such (none of which are compelling IMO).

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    [quote]Originally posted by PCMan:


    LOL, I admit that figure is ridiculous, but I have a friend with a Sony VAIO P4 1.7 DDR that boots into XP in less than 15 seconds. I know, I didn't believe it until I saw it either.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I remember with Compaqs they had problems when they approached 1 Ghz that the machine would shut down too quickly and you'd have to run scandisk the next time the machine booted (you had to uncheck the Fast Shutdown option in the System Configuration utility to allow Windows time to do its housecleaning). .
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