GeForce 4 MX + two crt's = ?

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Can I connect two crts to that card (with whatever adapter(s) I'll need) and get two different pictures, meaning not mirrored?


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    yes, extended desktop
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    Why did you think it'd be different with CRTs?
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    [quote]Why did you think it'd be different with CRTs?<hr></blockquote>

    Oh I didn't really, it just happens to be the setup I'm gonna use. However, this thing on Apple's page made me wonder:

    [quote] Want to double your desktop area by adding a second flat-panel display? Savvy creative professionals regard having two 22? Apple Cinema Displays as the ultimate in desktop efficiency ? the perfect visual environment for doing your best work. Of course, you can also combine a 22? Apple Cinema Display with a 15? or 17? Studio Display. Either way, all you need is a DVI video card like the ATI Radeon 32 MB PCI Card Mac Edition and the DVIator from Dr. Bott. Just pop open the Power Mac G4?s easy-open side door, slip in the PCI card and connect the DVIator, and you?re set.


    Why would you have to add another card, if you could just connect the 2nd ADC display to the VGA-port (with a VGA to ADC adapter)? I guess the quality wouldn't be as good as DVI to ADC, but still...

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