7.6 GigaFLOPS - How about you?



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    System: "Wallstreet" Powerbook upgraded to G4 500 Mhz (Powerlogix Bluechip), 384MB RAM, OS X 10.2

    Results: Average of just over 1400 MFlops

    Not bad for a 4 year old Powerbook when new TiBooks are getting numbers around 1600 MFlops!!
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    cwillcwill Posts: 2member
    197.1 MFLOPS on a 350 MHz B&W G3 w/ 896MB RAM
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    donnydonny Posts: 231member
    I got 197.21 megaflops on my PowerBook G3 pismo (firewire) with 640MB RAM at 400 MHZ running 10.1.5.

    seems low to me...

    Maybe I just wish it was faster
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    It would be interesting to see how a PowerBook G4/667 with AltiVec off compares to an iBook 700.

    It's nice to list numbers w/ AltiVec off, because that really shows you have the processor in a G4 compares to that of a G3, in a non-AltiVec optimized application. Comparing G3s to G4s in a test that is designed specifically to squeeze the most out of AltiVec is not really fair.

    BTW, I believe the slowest Mac ever was the first generation 233 MHz Wallstreet, without the L2 cache. The second revision (like mine) had a 512k L2 cache, but I heard that the original cacheless 233 MHz Wallstreets weren't much faster than the 240 MHz 3400.
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    imudimud Posts: 140member
    Mike is that a new dual 1ghz or a quicksilver dual 1ghz?
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    I know of three Lockheed Martin system engineers that are trying to get OS X to run on a VME PowerPC system that is rated at 70 GFLOPS. <img src="graemlins/surprised.gif" border="0" alt="[Surprised]" /> :eek:

    <a href="http://www.mc.com/literature/literature_files/conduction-cooled-vme-ppc-sys-ds.pdf"; target="_blank">http://www.mc.com/literature/literature_files/conduction-cooled-vme-ppc-sys-ds.pdf</a>;
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    akacakac Posts: 512member
    On my TiBook 800 while running a bunch of other stuff, I got 2600 megaflops.

    Turning Altivec OFF (again with running a bunch of apps) its now abour 282 megaflops.
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    2970 megaflops with 867QS
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    gsxrboygsxrboy Posts: 565member
    [quote]Originally posted by Xaqtly:

    <strong>iMac/800/Superdrive/768 MB RAM

    2480 megaflops.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Hmm interesting

    iMac/800/Superdrive/512 MB RAM OS9.22

    2865.9 (4.7 secs)

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    jousterjouster Posts: 460member
    Best I can do is 153.9 Mflops on a 333Mhz PB G3 Bronze with 192 M RAM running 8.6.. <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />

    Can load the app into my PB 190 OS 7, but it won't run.... Pity, was looking forward to seeing the results.
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    thegeldingthegelding Posts: 3,230member
    iMac 800 running 10.1.5 with 768 ram....

    2768.1 megaflops/4.8 seconds

    will compare with running 10.2 this weekend (i hope).....g
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    [quote]Originally posted by MrBillData:

    <strong>I know of three Lockheed Martin system engineers that are trying to get OS X to run on a VME PowerPC system that is rated at 70 GFLOPS. <img src="graemlins/surprised.gif" border="0" alt="[Surprised]" /> :eek:

    <a href="http://www.mc.com/literature/literature_files/conduction-cooled-vme-ppc-sys-ds.pdf"; target="_blank">http://www.mc.com/literature/literature_files/conduction-cooled-vme-ppc-sys-ds.pdf</a></strong><hr></blockquote>;

    from that pdf...


    Single-port RACEway Interlink products provide 267 MB/s of communication bandwidth per slot, while dual-port RACEway Interlink products offer 533 MB/s per slot.

    This seven-board system contains 22 PowerPC 7410 CPUs. Running at 400 MHz, each is supported by 2MB of L2 cache (266 MHz) and 256 MB of local memory. The I/O supports FPDP (copper) at 160 MB/s. The total compute power is over 70 GFLOPS, and the bisection bandwidth is a huge 1.6GBytes/s, with a power budget of just over 250 watts.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    maybe the conformal heat dissipator cringes at PPC hotter than 7410@400

    but they are running quads, if not happily yet

    imagine ganging 22 SpeedHole DP1.25 with 2Mb L3/ea and 2Gb DDR?

    better yet, in less than 6 months,

    imagine 22 SpeedHole G5s with 4 Mb L3/ea and 4Gb DDR!

    &lt; fuzzy calculation of such hypothetically maxxed h/w... &gt;

    uh, maybe 200 GFlops from 22 DP1.25G4, 400GF from 22 G5

    anybody want to correct this. tres fuzzy.

    and lo, the wagering and whining commences anew until/if we could/should get such gear for silly prices

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    boemaneboemane Posts: 311member
    This goes to show how powerful the G4 really is!

    Usually in a cpu design, speed increases drops off after a while (just look at a PIII chip). The performance/MHz starts out pretty good, and then it gets wors as the MHz increases.

    After reading this thread, it doesn't seem like the G4 does that at all! In some cases the performance/MHz even gets better! (especially on DP machines)!

    I just found this very interesting.

    Now. how woould a G4 compare to a G3 in say, mathematical non-vector equations ?

    Anybody know of any good benchmark test to show that?

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    spartspart Posts: 2,060member
    Alright, I managed to eek out another .4 megaflops to 171.8 in OS 9.2.2 by upping the maxcount a notch. Also ran it in OS X and got 172.


    In OS 9 and Mac OS X:

    Color Speed: 0.1

    Max Count: 1048576

    Gallery: Zoomed Out.

    Window: Fit window to main screen. No zooming afterwards.

    In OS 9:

    Screen @ 640x480, 256 greys, Finder off via AppleScript, optimized extension set, antialiasing off.

    In OS X:

    Screen @ 640x480, 256 colors, Finder off via yet another AppleScript, web sharing off, AltiVec Fractal Carbon reniced to -20, dock hidden, modem port disabled so it wouldn't decide to connect to the internet.

    Took a freaking hour (3603.6 seconds and 3598.2 seconds, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X respectively) to do each.

    Just to say it again, 233MHz Rev B. iMac, 384MB RAM, OS 9.2.2 & 10.1.5.
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    spartspart Posts: 2,060member
    How about someone with a dual gig test my settings?

    Pretty please?

    (wants to see even bigger numbers.)
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    shetlineshetline Posts: 4,695member
    [quote]Originally posted by Nostradamus:

    <strong>Any PowerBooks out there?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    My TiBook 800 is getting about 2.6 GFLOPS on this fractal test.
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    spartspart Posts: 2,060member
    Anyone know any software for PCs that measures mega/gigaflop performance?
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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    TiG4 800 DVI, 1GB RAM, 10.1.5

    2770 megaflops
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    ddmaddma Posts: 19member
    iBook 600, 768MB, 10.1.4 - 655M

    PowerBook 667, 768MB, 10.1.5 - 2.2G

    iMac 17", 768MB, 10.2 - 2.77G
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    g3 / 350 / 192mb

    204 mflops

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