Make a list of all the famous people who use Macs

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All I know of is Moby, I believe Tony Hawk, and the dancer Wade Robson. Who else? I know there's more.


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    I think it would be easier to make a list of famous people who don't use Macs.
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    Steve Jobs
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    douglas adams used macs.

    michael chricton (sp?) does as well, IIRC.
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    From the now defunct


    Abram, Norm; TV co-host

    Ackroyd, Dan; actor

    Adams, Bryan; singer/musician

    Adams, Douglas; author

    Adams, Scott; cartoonist

    Aerosmith, music group

    Afanassief, Walter; music producer/writer

    Aikman, Troy; athlete

    Aldrin, Buzz; astronaut

    Allen, Joseph; astronaut

    Allen, Tim; actor

    Altmann, John; WWII aircraft digital audio historian

    Amend, Bill; cartoonist

    Amos, Tori; musician

    Anderson, Harry; actor

    Anderson, Kevin; author

    Anderson, Laurie; musician

    Anderson, Pamela; actress

    Anthony, Marc; singer

    Aphex Twin; music group

    Arai, Shoukei; House of Representatives, Japan

    Atkinson, Rowan; comedian


    Bacall, Lauren; actress

    Baldwin, Mike; cartoonist

    Ballard, Glen; producer, songwriter

    Banister, Sir Roger; ex-athlete

    Barenaked Ladies; music group

    Barlow, John Perry; founder EFF

    Basch, Marty; writer

    Beastie Boys; music group

    Becker, Walter; musician

    Bell, Teja; musician

    Bertinelli, Valerie; actress

    Biermann, Wolf; author

    Bigelow, Katheryn; director

    Billick, Brian; NFL coach

    Bjork, singer

    Black, Claudia; actress

    Black, Clint; singer

    Blankenship, Audrey Horrocks; writer and poetess

    Block, Lawrence; author

    Bloodhound Gang; music group

    Bochco, Stephen; producer

    Bock, Jerry; composer

    Boncompagni, Gianni; TV entertainer

    Bono; singer/musician

    Bouchard, Joe; musician

    Bowie, David (and wife); musician

    Brook, Fred; author, computer wiz

    Bruce, Jack (and wife); musician

    Buffet, Jimmy; musician

    Bullock, Sandra; actress

    Burton, Gary; musician

    Burton, Tim; director


    Cain, Jonathon; musician

    Callahan, Gerry; sports writer

    Carey, Drew; actor/comedian

    Carey, Mariah; singer

    Carlos, Wendy; musician

    Caro, Marc; director

    Cates, Pheobe; actress

    Chapman, Gary; musician

    Chang, Doug; graphic artist

    Chemel, Lee; TV director

    Chemical Brothers; music group

    Cher; singer/entertainer

    Cippolina, Mario; musician

    Clancy, Tom; writer

    Clapton, Eric; musician

    Clinton, George; musician

    Clinton, Roger; musician

    Cobham, Billy; musician

    Coffey, King; musician

    Coleman, Cy; composer

    Coleman, Dabney; actor

    Collins, Stephen; actor

    Combs, Sean; rapper

    Comden, Betty; lyricist

    Connick, Harry Jr.; musician

    Coolio; rapper

    Coppola, Francis Ford; director

    Corea, Chick; musician

    Costner, Kevin; actor

    Counting Crows; music group

    Cray, Seymour; computer designer

    Crichton, Michael; author

    Crosby, David; musician/singer

    Crow, Sheryl; singer/musician

    Crystal Method; music group

    Cruise, Tom; actor/producer

    Cure; music group


    Darling, David; cellist

    Davis, Chip; musician

    Davis, Geena; actress

    Dawkins, Richard; author

    Dayton, Sky; CEO Earthlink Network

    Dean, Christopher; ice skater

    De Angelis, Barbara; author

    Decoufle, Philippe; choreographer

    Def Leppard; music group

    DeLancey, John; actor

    Denby, Constance; musician

    DeVito, Danny; actor/director

    Di Meola, Al; musician

    Diller, Barry; showbiz big-wig

    Dion, Celine; singer

    Disney, Roy; Disney Family

    Dolby, Thomas; musician

    Dole, Bob; US politician

    Donner, Richard; director/producer

    Doughty, M.; musician

    Dresher, Paul; musician

    Dreyfuss, Richard; actor

    Duran Duran; music group

    Durnan, Tom; director of photography, "Earth: Final Conflict"

    Dust Brothers; music group


    Eastwood, Clint; actor/director

    Ebert, Roger; film critic

    Eisner, Michael; CEO Disney Corp.

    Elfman, Danny; producer/composer

    Emerson, Lake & Palmer; music group

    Eno, Brian; musician

    Enya; singer

    Estefan, Gloria; singer

    Estevez, Emilio; actor


    Fagen, Donald; musician

    Faith No More; music group

    Farrow, Mia; actress

    Ferguson, Brad; author

    Ferguson, Robert; author and photographer

    Field, Sally; actress

    Filter; music group

    Finerman, Wendy; producer

    Finnbogadóttir, VigdÃ*s; President of Iceland

    Fishburne, Lawrence; actor

    Flea; musician

    Forbes, Malcolm Jr.; publisher

    Ford, Harrison; actor

    Foster, Jodie; actress

    Fresh Aire; music group

    Friedwald, Will; author

    Front 242; music group

    Fry, Stephen; comedian/writer


    G, Gina; musician

    G, Kenny; musician

    Gabriel, Peter; musician

    Garbage; music group

    Garciapara, Nomar; athlete

    Gates, Bill; (your own description here)

    Gemignani, Paul; conductor

    Gerbino, Jeff; comedian

    Gibb, Maurice; singer, songwriter

    Gibson, Mel; actor

    Gibson, Michael; music arranger

    Gibson, William; writer

    Gilley, Mickey; singer

    Gilmour, David; singer/musician

    Goldblum, Jeff - actor

    Goldman, William; author

    Goldsmith, Jerry; composer

    Goodman, Jerry; musician

    Gorbachev, Mikhail; ex Soviet president

    Gordon, Mark; producer

    Gordon, Mike; musician

    Gore, Al; U.S. ex Vice-President

    Grant, Amy; singer

    Grateful Dead; music group

    Grisman, David; mandolinist

    Groening, Matt; creator of The Simpsons

    Groom, Winston; author

    Guterson, David; author


    Hammer, Jan; musician/composer

    Hancock, Herbie; musician

    Hanks, Tom; actor

    Hansen, Scott; comedian

    Harlin, Renny; director/producer

    Hartnoll, Paul; musician

    Hassell, Jon; musician

    Havel, Vaclav; Czech President

    Hawk, Tony; skateboarder

    Hawn, Goldie; actress

    Heaney, Seamus; poet

    Hemingway, Mariel; actress

    Henderson, Luther; music arranger

    Henry, Buck; writer/director/actor

    Henry, Chuck; TV personality

    Henry, Lenny; comedian

    Heppner, Ben; opera singer

    Herz, J.C.; writer

    Hickman, Johnny; musician

    Hirschfelder, David; composer

    Hoffman, Dustin; actor

    Hofstadter, Douglas; author

    Hopper, Sean; musician

    Howard, Greg; cartoonist

    Howard, Ron; actor/director

    Hughes, John; director

    Hussein; King of Jordan


    Iron Maiden; rock group

    Issak, Chris; singer, actor


    Jackson, Janet; singer

    Jackson, Joe; musician

    Jackson, Michael; singer/entertainer/child molester

    Jackson, Samuel L.; actor

    Jaffe, Steven Charles; director

    Jane's Addiction; music group

    Jars of Clay; music group

    Jillian, Ann; actress

    Jobs, Steve; co-founder Apple Computer

    Johnson, Don; actor

    Jones, Howard; musician

    Jones, Jenny; TV talk show host

    Jones, John Paul; musician

    Jones, Quincy; musician/producer

    Jordan, Stanley; musician


    Kamen, Michael; musician

    Kander, John; composer

    Karamazov Brothers; circus perfomers

    Karn, Richard; acto

    Kerr, Jim; singer

    Kesey, Ken; author

    Kidman, Nicole; actress

    Kihn, Greg; musician

    King, B.B.; musician

    King, Peter; TV sports personality

    King, Stephen; author

    Klein, Kevin; actor

    Knowledge, D; poet

    Krieger, Robby; musician

    Kristofferson, Kris; musician/actor


    Lang, Mutt; record producer

    Laroquette, John; actor

    Lauper, Cyndi; singer

    Lear, Frances; author

    Lee, Spike; director/writer/actor

    Lee, Tommy; musician

    Leigh, Jennifer Jason; actress

    Lerner, Sandy; founder of Cisco Systems, Urban Decay

    Liddy, G. Gordon; colunmnist

    Lim, Chong; music director

    Limbaugh, Rush; radio/TV personality

    Littlejohn, Richard; TV talk show host

    Livgren, Kerry; musician

    Lloyd, Cole; musician

    Love, Courtney; singer

    Lowe, Bill; former IBM bigwig

    Lucas, George; director/producer

    Lynch, David; movie director

    Lynch, Ray; musician


    MacCready, Paul; inventor

    Maclean, Doug; NHL coach

    Madonna, singer

    Mannheim Steamroller; music group

    Manson, Marilyn; singer/songwriter

    Manzarek, Ray; musician

    Marquez, Gabriel Garcia; author

    Marsalis, Branford; musician

    Martin, George; producer

    Mash, David; musician

    Matlin, Marlee; actress

    Mays, Lyle; musician

    McCartney, Paul; musician

    McDonald, Michael; musician/singer

    McKuen, Rod; singer/composer/writer/poet

    McLachlan, Sarah; singer

    McTiernan, John; writer

    Mead, Syd; set designer

    Metheny, Pat; musician

    Metallica; music group

    Michael, George; singer

    Momus; musician

    Monk, Meredith; vocalist

    Moore, Gary; musician

    Morin, Edgar; philosopher

    Morton, Robert; producer

    Mothersbaugh, Mark; producer/composer

    Munsch, Robert; children's author

    Murdoch, Rupert; director

    Muren, Dennis; SFX expert

    Murphy, Geoff; director

    Murray, Charles; author


    Nash, Graham; musician

    Navarro, Dave; musician

    New Order; music group

    Nielson, Rick; musician

    Nine Inch Nails; music group

    Nitrozac; artist

    Novello, Don; comedian, actor


    O'Brien, Conan; TV personality

    Ockrent, Mike; director

    O'Donnell, Rosie; actress/comedian

    Okuda, Mike; scenic arts director

    Oldfield, Mike; musician

    Oldman, Gary; actor

    Orbital; music group

    Orzabal, Roland; singer/musician

    Oz, Frank; Muppet co-creator


    Parton, Dolly; singer

    Parisi, Mark; cartoonist

    Park, Nick, animator

    Paul, Adrian; actor

    Payne, Katy; researcher

    Pinkwater, Daniel Manus; author

    Poe; songwriter, singer

    Pollack, Sydney; director

    Povich, Maury; talk show host

    Primus; music group

    Prince; musician

    Prodigy; music group

    Public Enemy; music group

    Puzo, Mario; author


    Rabin, Trevor; musician

    Radiohead; music group

    Rao, P.V. Narashima; ex Prime Minister of India

    Rawls, Lou; singer

    Redgrave, Vanessa; actress

    Reid, Vernon; musician

    Residents, The; music group

    Reubens, Paul; actor

    Reznor, Trent; musician

    Rhodes, Nick; musician

    Richardson, Natasha; actress

    Roeser, Donald (Buck Dharma); guitarist

    Rolling Stones; music group

    Rollins, Henry; musician

    Rome, Jim; radio host

    Rona, Jeff; composer/author

    Rubin, Irv; Jewish activist

    Rudin, Scott; producer

    Rundgren, Todd; musician

    Rush; music group

    Russell, Leon; musician


    Sainte-Marie,Buffy; musician

    Sakamoto, Ryuichi; composer

    Salonga, Lea; singer/stage actress

    Sandler, Adam; actor, comedian

    Santana, Carlos; musician/singer

    Satriani, Joe; musician

    Schaffer, Paul; musician, composer

    Scheff, Jason; musician

    Schumacher, Joel; director/producer

    Seal; musician

    Seibold, J. Otto; illustrator

    Seinfeld, Jerry; actor/comedian

    Sheetrit, Meir; Minister of Justice, Israel

    Shire, David; composer

    Shue, Andrew; actor

    Simmons, Gene; musician

    Simon, Carly; musician/singer

    Simon, Lucy; composer

    Sinbad; actor/comedian

    Singleton, John; writer/director

    Sixx, Nikki; musician

    Sjoberg, Emma; super model

    Skaggs, Joey; media artist/culture jammer

    Skarsgard, Stellan; actor

    Slater, Christian; actor

    Smash Mouth; music group

    Smith, Brad; AppleInsider admin/all-around cool guy

    Smith, Robert; musician

    Snipes, Wesley; actor

    Sondheim, Stephen; composer/lyricist

    Spence, Gerry; attorney

    Spice Girls; music group

    Sprouse, Stephen; designer

    Squeeze; music group

    Staake, Bob; cartoonist, digital artist

    Stallone, Sly; actor

    Star, Darren; producer

    Stephanson, Neal; author

    Sterling, Bruce; writer

    Stern, Howard; radio talk show host

    Stewart, Dave; musician

    Stewart, Martha; publisher/editor

    Stiller, Ben; actor/comedian

    Sting; musician/singer

    Stipe, Michel; musician/singer

    Stone, Oliver; director/producer

    Stone, Sharon; actress

    Stroman, Susan; choreographer

    Sugar; music group


    T, Ice; singer/rapper

    Talese, Gay; author

    Tapani, Kevin; athlete

    Temple, Johnny; musician

    Tesh, John; musician

    Thave, Bob; cartoonist

    They Might Be Giants; music group

    Thomas, Debi; ice skater

    Tigret, Isacc; founder - Hard Rock Café

    Top, Carrot; comedian

    Trevor, Rabin; musician

    Tribal Tech, music group

    Trick Daddy; rapper

    Tucker, Leslie; singer/songwriter

    Twain, Shania; singer


    U2; music group


    Vandross, Luther; musician

    Van Halen, Eddie; musician

    Vega, Susanne; singer/songwriter


    Wainwright, Loudon III; musician

    Watt, Mike; musician

    Wendt, Jana; TV reporter

    Williams, Robin; actor

    Williams, Vanessa; we're not sure yet

    Winkler, Henry; actor

    Winkler, Irwin; director/producer

    Winter, Paul; musician

    Wong, Torley; musician

    Woo, John; director

    Woods, James; actor

    Worrell, Bernie; keyboardist

    Wozniak, Steve; co-founder Apple Computer


    Yamaguchi, Kristi; ice skater

    Yeltsin, Boris; ex Soviet president

    Yes; music group

    Yoakum, Dwight; musician

    Young, Neil; musician


    Zander, Robin; musician

    Zemeckis, Bob; director

    Zimmer, Hans; composer

    Zippel, David; lyricist

    Ziskin, Laura; President of Fox2000

    Znaimer, Moses; producer
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    Wow! Thanks. Didn't know so many famous people use Macs.
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    Originally posted by dferigmu

    Wow! Thanks. Didn't know so many famous people use Macs.

    dont beleive everyone on the list, because I know that Howard Stern is a pc user, since he talks about his pc all the time and his IBM guy jeff whats his name always having to fix it.
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    Cornelius(Keigo Oyamada) uses Macs in his studio.

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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member

    Jackson, Michael; singer/entertainer/child molester

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    stunnedstunned Posts: 1,096member
    Austin Powers.
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    Wow, Brad. You really have a great way of sucking all the fun out of this thread. Move on with your lives people!
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    Michelle Branch,

    BT - aka Brian Transeau,

    GW Bush..

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    Originally posted by DMBand0026

    Wow, Brad. You really have a great way of sucking all the fun out of this thread. Move on with your lives people!

    well we've had this thread before, a long time ago. it's probably in the archives
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    I'm happy to see that Iron Maiden and Nikki Sixx are on there.
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    The whole Bush/Apple thing is a myth:


    GWB: I guess I'm not supposed to be talking about brands, but since Michael Dell is my good friend and Dell is a Texas company, I'm the owner of a Dell computer. I use it mainly for a couple of things. One, e-mail. I stay in touch with my family via e-mail. I've got a private address that I'd say maybe 50 people have with whom I communicate on a regular basis. I'm on my e-mail nearly every day. My mother and I were e-mailing the other day as a matter of fact. My father and I e-mail each other quite frequently. My brother Jeb, who is the governor of Florida, is a prolific e-mailer, and I hear from him quite often. I use the Internet for, well, I'm a rancher and I'm on a Web site that's got Doppler radar available at a touch, so I can see whether or not it's raining on my ranch. I know that sounds kind of weird, but nevertheless when you own the land and it's dry, it's interesting to watch weather patterns and whether or not they're going to affect my ranch.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    The Rev. Al Sharpton.

    (None of the other candidates do)
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    Every single music producer.

    Every single pro skater and videographer.

    Its a looooooooooooong list.
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    Me, Muska, and just about every other skateboarder in the world.
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