Is Apple goint at it again with a HANDHELD/PHONE ?



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    Convergence is coming and some sort of involvement by Apple in the mobile business is still possible. With 3G becoming a reality, wouldn't it be cool to be able to video iChat with your computer-bound buddies while you are mobile on your SE Z1010?

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    k_munick_munic Posts: 357member
    ok, theme is handhelds/phones.

    let's think different for a while:

    what is a phone?

    a device to call people and to receive calls.

    has the user interface to be improved? there is about a 100 years of experience with phones, the biggest improvement (really?) was the touch dial, voice dial is on the market, just the guys with the bluetooth jabras use it?-

    what is a handheld?

    a very small computer device.

    has the user interface to be improved? SURE! but, there are hundrets of companies trying exactly that.-


    what we see in the phone market is, that the telephone companies try to give you a reason to book THEM and not the others.- they are transforming into content providers (utms will show). and of course you need devices, which are able to give access to this content quiet easy. who says video tape recorder??? the japanese still looking for the ultimate user interface, just to program "this show, that date, this time" (i like my sony: exactly one switch for every step? ok, many switches )

    maybe, just maybe, apple can offer and sell a user interface (like porsche or frog design were companies for designing objects for other companies) to other phone producer and telecoms. but why sould they build a whole phone? a life cycle of less then a year makes this too expansive? apple is a software company.

    maybe, apple can offer a handheld device people can use, find it usefull, can use it in their dailys life, a device they like to use for years like their tv-sets, home telephones or their mp3players. apple is a hardware company! remember that?- 8)
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    othelloothello Posts: 1,053member
    it would be better IMHO for apple to build into X the ability to actually make a phone call.

    extend the address book, so you can 'phone' a contact. this connects via bluetooth to your phone and makes the call. you can then speak using either the internal microphone, or an iSight, or even a bluetooth headset.

    can't be that hard for apple surely...
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    Originally posted by othello

    it would be better IMHO for apple to build into X the ability to actually make a phone call.

    Good point! I already use bluetooth and Address Book to dial numbers with my bluetooth phone, but then I need to find the phone, pick it up, and speak into it. Surely extending this to having an iSight and Mac combination working as a sort of bluetooth handsfree is doable. I mean that it requires no new technology - hardware or OS-level software - only application level software. In fact, that would make for a nice little product. (Although I suspect the market is fairly small.)

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    othelloothello Posts: 1,053member
    yeah the market would be quite small, but its an extra marketing angle for the iSight. and it reinforces apples hub strategy.

    no sure how much work would be required (you reckon not a lot?)
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