How many songs?

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A) On your iPod

B) On your iTunes

C) On your computer/archive

And D) What percentage of your songs do you own legitimately (i.e. purchased legally online or ripped from CD's that you or your family currently own)?

A) 7300 (and growing as fast as I can rip my collection)

B) 7300

C) 7300

D) 97% (and increasing as I replace leeched music with legit copies)


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    1020ish, 1020ish, 1020ish, 99% (others are live recordings, free d/l's from places etc i.e. downsydes site, thx guys for the singles! release to radio then after a few months they put the song up free !)
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    daverdaver Posts: 496member
    A) Don't own an iPod

    B) ~2850

    C) ~2850 plus a dozen yet-to-be iTunesed tracks

    D) 0%

    Yay for Canada.
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    A) 916

    B) 916

    C) 916

    D) 0% - I love Canada. But in the spirit of honesty, about 50 songs in my iTunes Library are courtesy of complete strangers.
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    trydtryd Posts: 143member

    Originally posted by tonton

    A) On your iPod

    B) On your iTunes

    C) On your computer/archive

    And D) What percentage of your songs do you own legitimately (i.e. purchased legally online or ripped from CD's that you or your family currently own)?

    A: I'm not sure

    B: About 36 000

    C: About 36 000

    D: 99,9%
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    bartobarto Posts: 2,246member
    A) 600

    B) 600

    C) 600

    D) 20 percent give or take

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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    2893 songs on each, and 99.8% legal.
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    2321 songs = 2314 legal + 7 recorded off internet radio.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    About 2,380 (give or take) on my computer.

    I currently have no iPod

    But that is changing VERY soon...

    And well over 90% of them are legal (my own CDs and purchased downloads from the iTMS).

    Got a lot of goofy, obscure or "one hit wonder" 80's crap I found back when N*****r was raging. Maybe 30 or so songs making up a smidgen of my library.

    The bands were so idiotic and lacking any sort of staying power that I defy anyone here to find legit copies.

    And no, I ain't dumping them either.
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    A,B,C - 1877

    D: 100%

    All my songs are ripped from my and my wife's CDs or purchased from the music store - which is terribly addicting.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    A: 2303

    I mean to un-check more songs, but I forget. I tend to rip entire CDs now.

    B: 2357

    This does not include all the CLassical and Jazz CDs I just haven't bothered to rip. I probably have another 300 tracks on CDs and not on my computer or in iTunes.

    C: 2357

    Not including some sound effects, everything is in iTunes.

    D: 99.5% "legit"

    A handful, maybe a dozen at most, are "illegal" in the sense that I downloaded them and did not pay for them. All of those dozen were downloaded from either the band's site or from a fan site where the band has linked to them (thus being in the open about it). That means I don't have a license but those bands aren't pricks about it. They're all either "unpublished" or live/bootleg tracks anyway.
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    3409 on iTunes...about the same on the iPod...almost 100% from cd's or other purchase...a couple from aquistion that i replace when they come available at the iTunes store...

    431 songs purchased from iTunesMusicStore....ouch

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    A. No iPod

    B. 718

    C. 718

    D. 90% are legal, I downloaded a few before the days of the iTMS. However, I'm working on replacing them with legit copies as fast as I can, some are hard to find though.

    My library is going to grow very soon too, gonna rip the entire CD collection (thousands of them) to my Cube.
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    a 752

    b 752

    c 752

    d dunno, but its mostly legit, and i've started using iTMS
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    neilybneilyb Posts: 128member
    A,B,C =1,481

    D = 85% and growing (as my iTMS addiction grows)

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    bartobarto Posts: 2,246member
    My music collection has expanded...

    662 songs on my iPod

    662 songs on iTunes

    30% from CDs or from a band's web site
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,427member
    got my wife an ipod and ibook for christmas took me looooong time to do it but

    2895 across the board, 100% from cds

    now if a friend wants a cd cause they can't play mp3 in their car can i go backward

    take AAc convert back to cd format ?

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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member

    Originally posted by NOFEER

    can i go backward take AAc convert back to cd format ?

    Yes you can, make an "Audio CD" as per the iTunes preferences, and your songes are converted to CD format files again so it will effectively play in any CD player. However, when you convert your AAC iTunes songs to audio CD format, they inherit any flaws or artifacts the file inherited in the importing/compression process from the original CD. So they're not original quality. Having said that, most people won't hear much of a difference unless they have trained ears and/or rather good speakers.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    1538 on iPod, and on my iTunes. Probably about 1700 or 1800 on my computer because of the 200 or 300 that my brother has sent me that I haven't bothered to sort through yet.

    Percent legal? That's a good question. Very few were actually downloaded by me to my computer from a peer-to-peer network. Perhaps 50 of those. I've gotten a LOT (probably upwards of 500) from my brother, who downloads much more than me and also gets music from his friends (CDs and otherwise). I have probably about 500 that I originally got when I bought a used computer and the seller left a bunch on the machine. And at least 300 or 400 I know for sure I've gotten from a CD that belongs to either me or a family member. 10 iTMS downloads.

    I'd say about 25% legal, as a guesstimate.
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    A) 0 (Don't have an iPod, but 5 so far on a 128mb mp3 player)

    B) 89

    C) More than 89

    D) 99% (my 5 om the mp3 player are from

    Yeah, I'm still waiting to set up my iTunes account....
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    Oops, double post
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