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    [quote]Originally posted by ZO:

    <strong>well, I went ahead and erased the FireWire drive.

    I made it one big MS-Dos partition using the OS X Disk Utility app. No problems. Made it and it mounted onto the desktop. GetInfo says its MS-Dos formatted...

    Now, back into the Dist Utility app to try and partition it.

    I select it, select 2 partitions and make one 2GB and the other 17GB. Here is where it gets loopy.

    I can format the individual partitions as UDF, HFS, HFS+, and Free Space. No MS-Dos.

    So I make the 17GB partition HFS+ and leave the smaller one as Free Space.

    Now only the 17GB partition mounts fine. No sign of the Free Space (which I guess would be unformatted).

    Anyone? Any clues about this?

    When I eject it, and replug it in, in takes about 20 seconds before anything appears on the desktop. No sign of the unformatted partition :confused: </strong><hr></blockquote>

    os x's disk utility is finiky, boot off an os 9 cd and format with 9's disk utility- thats what i had to do and no problems since

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    ZO&gt; i was having a lot of the OSX problems that youVe describe [disappearing icons, etc.] and a bunch of annoying shit started to happen in 9 as well. I was at the point of wanting to throw the POS out the window when i decided to bring it back to the dealer....after 2weeks of diagnosis- ended up being the extra 256megs of RAM. You should get that checked out, cuz bad RAM can mimic a lot of other more serious problems.
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    As far as OSX... I find that it runs pretty nicely on my 400mhz pismo (g3) with 512mb ram. I did notice a nice jump in performance when I went from 256 to 512. But, it is fast enough that i've had no problem doing video projects in fcp3 with an external firewire drive nad all, so it met my requirements. Admittedly, OSX is the reason I bought the mac in the first place (got the pismo used a few months ago) ... so perhaps I'm biased...
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