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    To all the naysayers, look what I bumped accross on the Macrumors forum...

    1" HD for 100$ ?

    I do not know if the site is legit thuogh

    here's a snippet:

    "Cornice will launch mass production of the Cornice Personal Storage, the 1-inch HDD with a recording capacity of 1.5GB some time before the second quarter of 2003.

    According to the company's estimate, the retail price of music player accommodating this HDD will be US$199 at volume production.

    Taking this estimate under consideration, Nikkei Electronics assumes that the OEM price of "Cornice Personal Storage" is expected to be below US$100. This price is much lower than the 1GB Microdrive, provided by Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Inc of the US, whose OEM price ranges US$170 to US$210. Cornice reduced the number of parts largely to cut price. To reduce the number of parts, it substantially changed HDD's architecture."

    The article is dated 20 March 2003...

    Makes you go hmmmmmm, doesn't it ?

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