Model, 2, Seeks Lost Wages in Mishap



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    2: physical age, IQ or dress size?
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    Oh good grief. Whats the kid a model for? Huggies? Pampers? GERBER?! Tell me this. If you're 2 feet tall, running around in a park, would you see a railing that was the same color as the surroundings. You'd see it wasn't moving as you ran up to it. That brings me to this question. Where was the mom? She was probably chatting with her girlfriend(s) and just letting the kid run wild while she took care with 'mommy stuff.' She's just like every other person in america that looks for ANY way to get money. I ran into a railing of a slide at school, and I just sat home crying. If i was a model, they could just use some freakin' makeup, or lay me on the opposite side! I cut myself on a plastic box the other day that a Christmas present came wrapped in. It hurt, but I didn't call a lawyer and say "GET ME SENARIO (People that made it) I WANT 100 MIL!" I lost 'productivity' with that thumb for about an hour. Boo-hoo. (That excuse sounds just as 'good', or better that the lady's!)


    Originally posted by BuonRotto

    2: physical age, IQ or dress size?

    Mom's IQ: 2

    Kid's age: 2

    What she's gonna get out of this lawsuit: 2 ($)

    The look on her face when she sees us laughing at her: priceless
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    Originally posted by Nebagakid

    "mommy, why can't I be in front of the lights for a while? I want to be in front of the lights! WAHHHHH!!!"

    **** the whiny bitches

    EDIT: I would like to know also if anyone minded my post above, for the explicit language, as some stuff was censored, and I am just curious

    the boards are set up to automatically neuter specific words, like ****. so shut your f_ckin' filthy mouth already!
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