Official! New iPods!!!!



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    Originally posted by MacsRGood4U

    Here's a photo of SJ reading the engraved inscription on the back of the new iPod Mini that was given to him by John Mayer. Anybody know what it says?

    "If you upstage me one more time, I swear on the Newton's grave, no Mac you ever own or use will ever work."
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    And how would Mr. Mayer get one of these new iPods, since they are not yet shipping?

    Someone just engraved ONE for him or what?
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    Originally posted by MacsRGood4U

    Nah, its Steve, surprised at the cool audience response is looking for the price tag. " I am sure it said $249 on here somewhere."

    Edit: God those things look good.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    Are we sure that Steve didn't give it to John?
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    Remember when Steve said that consumers should "collect one of each" of the fruity-colored iMacs? Well, now you can have one of the iPod Mini's for each day of the week. Use the regular iPod for weekends.

    Also is it just me, or do they seem to be somewhat larger then advertised?

    Here are pics of the screens of iPod and iPod mini. Note the different type face on the mini.
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