Drop the iPod mini price!!!

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All in favour of a price drop?

Seriously though, almost the unanimous majorityl, (if there is such a thing), say the same thing:

"It's not worth $249", or

"For $50 more I could get the 15GB"

Case closed? m.


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    And just what good would a poll do?
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    Originally posted by Brad

    And just what good would a poll do?

    To demonstrate the approximate proportion of the sample population, (those who can be bothered reading these forums, and vote), who think the price is too high. m.
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    nebagakidnebagakid Posts: 2,692member
    It is true, the price needs to be dropped, and we all probably can figure this out what we know that the product lines roll over each other.

    A poll, also, is not necessary, but it is fun to practice our voting in this LEAP Year... and voting year . I don't think anyone is going to say "I want the price of a product to not be dropped, or at least increased..."
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    macusersmacusers Posts: 840member
    3 people said no so far.. the price of the iPod Mini is very nice compared to other flash players not the iPod itself
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    I'd like the price to be less but I'm still buying one...even though I do own the original 5 Gig iPod...1,000 songs is plenty and I want miniaturization. I'll sell my old one for 150 bucks.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    I think people have to realize a few things:

    1. smaller does not mean less. electronics cost more to develop and produce when they're smaller.

    2. smaller is a feature. people are willing to pay for the convenience.

    3. the price as given will not cannibalize the "regular" iPods. A lot people people point out that for the money, they would just as soon buy the 15 GB iPod for another $50, and Apple wouldn't mind that a bit.

    4. Apple will introduce updates to this model as the 1" HD capacities increase. When those new models come out, they will cost $250, but it's likely Apple will expand the product line by going down in price with smaller drive (the former top of the line) models. The iPod didn't start out costing $299, nor did it have a 15 GB hard drive.
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    messiahtosh, no offense, but you have way too much time on your hands... and you may be a slight bit insane.
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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    Meh, Let the early adopters buy it at 250 and then once sales peter out, drop the price.

    I say keep it... for a few months.
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    My initial impressions are that it is too much to pay. Again, why buy this when for only $50 more you get 11 more GB? Is it really *that* much smaller than the iPod? It didn't really seem like it was judging from the keynote.

    I'm a bit skeptical as to how well the mini will sell. I think most people will be hung up over the fact that it's just $50 away from the 15 GB iPod, but hey, if that means more people buy those iPods, that's not necessarily a bad thing.
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    donnydonny Posts: 231member
    I wonder how we'd feel about cost here if no rumors of a $99-$199 mini iPod had popped up before the keynote. Or if this iPod was the first version introduced by Apple?

    Personally, I think this product is priced reasonably. It has a state-of-the-art, new drive in it. It is a new form factor. Maybe a new production process that makes them able to be different colors? Certainly, the controls are brand new (the 4 button switch/touch sensitive wheel). They could reuse the ports, OS (firmware), and battery, probably...

    Of course, I'm sure they did not cost $244 (or whatnot) to produce either...

    But you guys are acting like you could make one at home yourself for $50-$99 or something.

    We know the drive alone was $60 in bulk (buying 100,000 a pop). How much do you think the rest cost to produce? (especially a first version...)

    I'm guessing they had to cram the same chip and wiring in there too! WOW!

    I'm impressed...at any price...
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    jadejade Posts: 379member
    Based on the fact many 256mb and 1.5gb players are priced at $179-$230 the miPod is priced right. But if apple wanted to be super agressive it could be pricedn at $199. By the way, when you see it in person you will want one. It is really small and cool (and thin!!!! way thinner than an ipod). Way better than the real iPod...and I love mine. I am thinking I should get th miPod just to have a small one. It is all metal so pretty sturdy. And the colors are awesome....like tinted metal. Great!

    There should be enough people willing to drop $250 on a miPod...and if sales do not go as expected...a 2gb miPod could come in at $199 and will still be a great prce.
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    kennethkenneth Posts: 832member

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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    I will be an early adopter (for my sister) and probably get one for myself when they go up in storage size (I currently have an old 20 gig)...

    the price is fine where it is... for now...

    in 6 months I expect a $199 model near 4 gig and a $299 model near 8. Maybe an even more expensive one for $399 with even more capacity (12?) but includes the armband, remote (useless I know), and dock (maybe add these accessories to the top two)...

    I would pay the extra money for the form factor. Thats what drove original (and upgrade) iPod sales.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    The iPod mini is priced about right. The problem is the 15 GB iPod is a way better deal than any other iPod. $100 more for a remote, a stupid dock, crap case and 5 GB? The 20 and mini are hard sells if you ask me. This is why I said the mini iPod would be a problem...

    It might split up the current marketshare without making any appreciable gains because these segments are dictated by price. A $50 price difference is nominal at best, and $199 for a mini seems unrealistic. A 5 GB normal iPod at $199 seems like a sweeter proposition to me. 5, 10, 20, 40...

    I have to say that while the new button layout is not as intuitive and straightforward, the return of physically clicking buttons is welcomed.
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    I agree with Eugene on the pricing, absolutely. And how anyone could possibly prefer the touch-sensitive buttons on the 3G iPods is beyond me. I think it's a genius design solution and I wish my iPod had these buttons, I really do.

    The price is an enormous, enormous mistake, I believe: Apple could have gone for mass-market ubiquity like Sony did with the Walkman by pricing it $50 less, but chose (unless design and manufacture costs counted the option out, of course) this curious Bang and Olufsen pricing.

    It costs too much.

    $50 more for 11 gigs more capacity? Um... good luck.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member

    Originally posted by segovius

    They would have made more money by pricing it $50 lower. Unfortunately Apple doesn't think like that.

    The iPod mini is priced normally. It is very competitive with the 4 GB Rio Nitrus ($249) and 4 GB Creative MuVo^2 ($299).

    It is the 15 GB iPod which is the pricing anomaly.

    $400 for the 20 GB iPod?

    $300 for the 15 GB iPod?

    $250 for the 4 GB iPod mini?

    The remote is useful, but is the dock really necessary? Does anybody actually use the bundled belt clip?
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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    In 6 months the mini ipod will have a price drop of 50 $ certainly. Everypeople will be happy.

    Don't overestimate the importance of the memory. 4 GB is fair, especially when you compare it to Flash memory MP3 player. 1000 songs is enough for many people. People who wants more will go for the 40 GB : Apple has not targeted the mini ipod for them;

    In order to be fashion many people will buy the mini i pod. Even people owning a regular one. I predict a great future for the pink model.
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    msanttimsantti Posts: 1,377member
    The $199 price just has one of those psycological thingies.

    I really do not have a problem with $249 but I think we will see a drop on it sooner than latter.

    The other models have not really budged any in price. They have just gotten a bigger drive or a dock added to the mix.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member

    Originally posted by Powerdoc

    In 6 months the mini ipod will have a price drop of 50 $ certainly. Everypeople will be happy.

    Don't overestimate the importance of the memory. 4 GB is fair, especially when you compare it to Flash memory MP3 player. 1000 songs is enough for many people. People who wants more will go for the 40 GB : Apple has not targeted the mini ipod for them;

    Right, Apple's 1) milking the early adopters and 2) paying a little bit extra for brand new components like 4 GB 1" HDD. After a while the price will come down.


    Originally posted by segovius

    Stupid question I suppose, but what exactly is the advantage of the dock ?

    It's heavy, so it makes a good paperweight. It also has a 1/8" minijack on the back.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    Interestingly enough, I think the iPod mini's price would seem more reasonable if Apple had LEFT the low-end iPod at 10Gb.
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