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I've had my 15" Powerbook since about September and it's recently developed the dreaded "white spots". There are four in a diamond around the center of the screen.

These don't really bother me *that* much to be honest. They're only really noticable on light backgrounds and they're no more than an annoyance.

Really I have two questions. Are they likely to get a lot worse or is this as bad as they're likely to get? Also, I don't have AppleCare but there is a 1 year hardware guarantee (I think?). I was a bit unsure about the process for getting it repaired (If I decide to). When you call Apple UK you get an option to register a product for AppleCare but it's not clear what process to follow to get a hardware repair under general guarantee.

I hope this makes sense? and any help would be appreciated.

F.Y.I I would estimate the spots to be around 10mm each


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    The spots will probably get worse until they are visible all the time.

    Get it sorted, you paid lots of money for the product so don't take any shit.

    You do have a one year Apple guarantee (AppleCare). It will cover the spots because they are the result of a manufacturing/design fault.

    As for AppleCare, look amongst all the leaflets you got in the box. There is an AppleCare sheet with the UK phone number on it.

    Phone it. You will have to give some details about your computer/order. Have you invoice and computer serial number ready.

    They will take you from there.
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    wiftywifty Posts: 70member
    Thanks for the info.

    I'll dig out my paperwork and give them a bell. See how long they quote for the repair.

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    Just to give you an update I called the UK number on the Applecare leaflet that came with the powerbook and spoke to a very friendly lady there who was really helpful. They're sending out a courier on Tuesday (they wanted to send one out tomorrow (Fri) but there's noone in until Tuesday) and she quoted me 7-10 days for the repair when it'll be couriered back to me.

    Very pleased with the service so far...
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    wiftywifty Posts: 70member
    So what exactly is the difference in the construction around the screen? I've heard people say it's been 'redesigned' but it what way?
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    naderbynaderby Posts: 131member
    Great, let us know how you get on as mine has to go in eventually, it has the other screen where it has dark patches.

    I'm nervous about the UK times, can't live without it for long.
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    wiftywifty Posts: 70member
    Well as promised, UPS arrived and took my baby away this morning. They actually turned up Friday and yesterday as well, even though I told them noone would be in.

    I'll let you know how quickly I get ti back

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    naderbynaderby Posts: 131member

    Originally posted by Wifty

    Well as promised, UPS arrived and took my baby away this morning. They actually turned up Friday and yesterday as well, even though I told them noone would be in.

    I'll let you know how quickly I get ti back


    Thanks mate!
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    wiftywifty Posts: 70member
    Well the good news is that I received my powerbook back yesterday (Thursday). Just 2 days after they picked it up! Unfortunately, although the white spots have gone, I have a few marks on the screen top left and mid-right. I first thought they were stuck pixels but I don't think so as they don't have sharp edges. They look more like it might be dust behine the screen? They're not too bad and I wasn't going to bother sending it back again until I realised that they'd dented my powerbook at the front - like a vertical crease dent going all the way from the base to the top of the screen (at the front left if the powerbook is closed and flat on a table). Because of whjere it is it means they have to replace the entire casing ANd they're going to replace the screen.... again.

    Thing is, my 1 years warranty runs out in September. I wasn't going to get extended Applecare because, quite simply, I can't afford it. Now I don't know what they've done to my book, whether it's been caught or whether they've dropped it or what. I'm concerned that if it's taken a big impact, some of the internal componants might fail at a later date as a result, after my applecare runs out.

    My wuestion is, am I within my rights to demand that they give me complimentary Applecare protection as compensastion for throwing it around in case it results in prob;lems later when my warranty runs out?

    I'd value your opinions

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    naderbynaderby Posts: 131member
    I see your predicament. It?s worth a go I suppose. All this makes me reluctant to send mine in for repair, maybe I should just live with it. £2000 and it comes down to this.
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    wiftywifty Posts: 70member
    I wouldn't worry too much. I'm sure it's unusual for the machine to come back in that state. The marks on the new screen are a little annpoying but not too bad at all. I wouldn't have sent it back if it wasn't for the dent. I was actually pretty pleased with their opinion on the screen. I didn't mention the dent at first, just explained the marks. I expected a rough time ebcause I know about the various policies on stuck pixels and that they don't necessarily have to repair them but her actual words were that I should expect it to be "perfect" if it's been sent in for a new screen and she had no qualms at all about replacing it. Then I mentioned that it had been dented as well and obviously that needs replacing too.

    The only goo gthing is that Ir eckon I'll have it back from the second repair within the timescale I was originally given for the first one.

    Bit of a pain though
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    naderbynaderby Posts: 131member
    Yeah, I'll most probably get it sent in. As I'm only down the road from Leeds it should take the same time.

    Incidentally, last night I noticed the uneveness of my screen had gone! Probably come back.
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    wiftywifty Posts: 70member
    Haven't had the unevenness (yet?) but I understand it comes and goes so I guess you'll see it again...

    Where are you then? Really lucky being in Leeds there's an Applecenter just down the road from where I work - comes in handy (although I didn't get my powerbook from them in the end so no good for sending stuff back)
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