So what have you broken and how?

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i was thinking through various times that i've broken bones in my life, and just wondering how other AI members have faired over the years.

what i'd like to know is what bones have you broken in your life, and how did you break them? broken bones are like scars, there's usually a story of some kind to go with them.

so let's hear 'em.


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    progmacprogmac Posts: 1,850member
    i've broken a few bones...couple fingers. i guess that's all. i did sprain my ankle pretty severely once and i have a pretty nasty case of runner's knee that keeps me from doing much impact exercise.

    this weekend, i broke a table leaf
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    tail. sliding down stairs on a pillow as a kid. that last bounce was loud.
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    progmacprogmac Posts: 1,850member

    Originally posted by billybobsky

    tail. sliding down stairs on a pillow as a kid. that last bounce was loud.

    what's up with the tailbone anyway? who came up with that one?
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    I've never broken anything, but I've sprained quite a few.
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    jeffyboyjeffyboy Posts: 1,055member
    My sister talked me into riding on the back of her bike. I was 4, she was 10. Got my leg caught in the spokes and SNAP! In a cast for 6 weeks.

    25 years later she still harbors guilt.

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    Originally posted by progmac

    what's up with the tailbone anyway? who came up with that one?

    left over from evolution.
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    Originally posted by jeffyboy

    My sister talked me into riding on the back of her bike. I was 4, she was 10. Got my leg caught in the spokes and SNAP! In a cast for 6 weeks.

    25 years later she still harbors guilt.


    ow. and how?
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    eighth grade....cheryl friedman.......broke my f*ckin' heart.

    i know it's not a bone, but man it hurt.

    (apologies to matt hooper)
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    shawnjshawnj Posts: 6,656member
    I can't remember the right combination, but, somehow, I managed to break either my right or my left arm on 3 separate occasions. The first two were kind of dumb: playing catch on the first day of summer after 2nd grade and falling off a playground thing a year later. lol. I'm proud of the last time, though: endo'ed over my mountain bike handlebars sometime before high school. grrr.
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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    I broke both bones in my lower leg... clean snap.

    In eighth grade I was riding my brand new bike, and I hadn't bothered to transfer my toe clips over yet. Unfortunately, I was too used to them, and pushed my foot off of the pedal forwards. It got cought on the the ground, and the pedal mowed it over... I must have been quite a sight - I didn't fall off of my bike, but instead just got knocked onto the crossbar. So, I wobbled my way down the street until I see a family playing outside. I crumble onto their lawn with an extra joint in my leg, and they called my mom.
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    crusadercrusader Posts: 1,129member
    Broke my nose.

    In third grade ran straight into a pole playing tag. Combination slip/bad vision. Of course the doctor kept me in the dark when he went to reset my nose three days later. I though he was just using a really long tube to look up my nose, but no it was a metal rod and *SNAP* my nose was back in place. I was in pain for days...
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    carol acarol a Posts: 1,043member

    Originally posted by billybobsky

    tail. sliding down stairs on a pillow as a kid. that last bounce was loud.

    Boy, does that bring back memories. My family moved to Mexico when I was seven. We lived in a Hilton Hotel for 6 months, and I pretty much had the run of the place. Back near the kitchens was a completely tiled stairway. The steps had nicely-rounded edges. I would sit at the top, and holding my legs up, would slide all the way down the stairs on my rear end! Over and over again. It was great fun, as I remember. Didn't break my tailbone, I don't think; but I'm sure the pounding didn't do it any good. Of course, I had a nice 'cushion' to slide on...but it was part of me! heh.

    Let's see. I had an X-ray a few years ago, and they said I had an old fracture in my forearm. Have no idea when that happened. I do remember falling out of bed when I was four and breaking my collar bone. I used to regularly fracture a rib or two when I would fall skiing. I got a hairline fracture in my ankle from a jogging accident. Cast for six weeks. Broke the other ankle slipping on a tomato on the sidewalk near a famous name sandwich shop three years ago.

    Again, when I was four, I would find the steepest driveways in the neighborhood, and ride my bike down them as fast as I could. Guess I craved speed. This one time, my bike hit a rock, threw me up in the air, and my head came down on the curb edge. Was unconscious for a long time, I think. Brain concussion.

    Then when I was a freshman in high school, my friend and I were fooling around, and I was pretending to do a judo move on her. Problem was, she really 'did' know judo. She swept my legs out from under me, and my head hit the tile floor like a melon. The sound apparently echoed down the hallway. I saw stars, was unconscious, and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Another concussion. Don't remember anything about it. Her parents were both physicians. Bet that freaked them out. haha.
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    over the years i've broken:

    nose: mosh pit at some huge outdoor concert. didn't even realize i'd broken it until i felt something dripping on my shoes. it then oozed blood for about 12 hours before stopping. since i could still breath the doc. didn't have to rebreak it.

    hand: playing basketball. dog ran in front of me and i tripped over her, broke the bone below my pinkie in my hand. my dad told me to stop being a wuss (i was 10) when it happened, 'cause i kept telling him it really hurt. when my mom got home she took one look at it and freaked, and took me to the hospital. to this day i give my dad grief over that.

    knuckle: got in a fight with a kid. broke the knuckle on my middle finger on his face. lucky for me he didn't want to fight anymore.

    leg/ankle: the worst by far, and the lamest. flag football. just cut the wrong way and completely blew apart my ankle/leg. required 12 screws and a plate. multiple surgeries over the years, and still doesn't quite work right. however, according to most the doctors who saw the x-rays i'm lucky to walk period, so i try not to complain.
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    cooopcooop Posts: 390member
    In eighth grade, I sprained my left thumb trying to catch a basketball as it ricocheted off a wall after being hurled at half court. I was told to wear a splint for several days, but I didn't want to. A couple of days later, I sprained the thumb even more by bending over to plug something into a wall outlet with that hand. Even though it wasn't broken, I had to wear a cast for six weeks.
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    Never broken anything myself, but I'll never forget the first time I saw a double femur fracture. I'm a paramedic in training and on an ambulance ride we pulled up on the scene of a head on car vs. car collision. Well, the lady in car #1 wasn't wearing her seat belt and submarined (instead of flying out the windshield she was low enough in the car that she went down instead of up) her knees struck the dash below the steering wheel, giving her a compound fracture in both femurs (the upper bone in your legs) and a nice pelvic fracture to go with. I've talked to guys with 35 years experience in EMS who have never seen that, and I've never seen someone in so much pain.

    The moral of the story: DMBand doesn't pay attention to the topics of threads, and...WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT!
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    trumptmantrumptman Posts: 16,454member
    Absolutely nothing.

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    carol acarol a Posts: 1,043member

    Originally posted by jeffyboy

    My sister talked me into riding on the back of her bike. I was 4, she was 10. Got my leg caught in the spokes and SNAP! In a cast for 6 weeks.

    25 years later she still harbors guilt.


    My brother gave me a ride on his motorcycle. I had on short shorts. When we stopped and both had our feet on the ground to get off, he suddenly - out of habit - moved the body of the bike back and forth (sideways). A boiling hot metal part seared my upper inner thigh. Then, as I tried to get off again, he waggled the bike again, and seared a spot near my ankle. He was so apologetic; and I knew he didn't mean it. The burns were horrible.

    Then one time my ex and I got in an argument, and I stomped out of the house, got on our motorcycle (350cc Honda) and planned to storm off in a hail of gravel. But the bike was on its center stand, and I could barely touch tiptoes on either side. When I tried to rock it off the stand, it went over with me. Again I had on short shorts, sleeveless top. The bike fell over on me and ground me into the gravel. From shoulder to ankle, I was bloody scrapes, and the scrapes were full of dirt and small stones. I had to slink back in the house in humiliation to get cleaned up.

    One time my sorority sister was trimming the back of my hair for me. I had short hair at the time. She was using really sharp scissors. As she came around the side, she cut off the bottom of my ear lobe. It was hanging there, half on, half off. I couldn't believe she had done that. She was horrified. I started laughing and crying at the same time, as he blood gushed. We taped it back on with scotch tape, and it healed, somehow.

    Not broken bones exactly. Oh well.
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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member

    Originally posted by superkarate monkeydeathcar

    (apologies to matt hooper)

    Here's to swimmin' with bow legged women.
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    Sliding down 500 meters on a black slope.

    Smashed into and crushed the side window of cars three times

    Leg trapped in my fathers bike as three years old.

    Fallen of my bike but not able to get out of the clamps and crashed into a tree at 30 km/h arm first.

    Never broke a bone.

    I´m freking David Dunn
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Carol, somehow I figured you for a biker chick...


    Snapped my pelvis in half, right down the middle, in high school playing basketball. Got my foot stomped on as I was spinning around a screen, and came down *HARD* on my hip. Well, I was 6'3" and a whole hefty 145lb, so it was bone on hardwood. *crunch* Popped the fissure. Coach didn't believe me when I said something was wrong, and I ended up doing layups for 20 minutes on it for sassing back to him. You should have seen the look of horror on his face when I showed up him the doctor's report the next day. I'm sure he thought I was going to sue his ass. Because it was a clean snap down the fissure, it didn't even show up on an X-ray until the doc had me stand with one foot on a phone book, and the other hanging in space. Took three weeks to seal back up so I could play on it.

    Broke a finger playing catch one day... slid the end knuckle under the middle one. For a few brief seconds, my finger was 2/3 the normal length, but the top remaining section was twice as fat. I slammed it under my armpit and pulled it back into place before the pain registered. *THEN* it swelled like a balloon.

    More than a couple concussions from bike accidents, hits in football, etc, etc.

    Snapped my nose when I was two, running down the hall, tripped, hit a doorjamb with my face. Oops. Dad reset it before I knew what had happened.

    Oh, and last doctor visit I found out that I apparently had two broken ribs that I have no idea when or how.

    Then there was when my 8th grade basketball coach knocked out and/or broke several of my teeth... it was an accident. He was this short guy (5'8" or so), and was trying to show the other guys how to block against a taller opponent (I was already 6'1"). So he had me towering over him, blocking any shot, and he demonstrated how to knock the tall guy back by bumping him with your butt, then charging the shot before he can get back into position. Unfortunately, he didn't tell *me* this. So he bumps me back, hesitates while he's explaining to the guys what to do, and I step back into position as fast as I can, just as he leaps up... and his shoulder connects with my face. *crunch* Three broken teeth, three more uprooted completely and hanging out by nerves/blood vessels. He felt *awful*... was an old schoolmate of my Dad's no less.

    Funny, played hockey, and no injuries. Basketball? Plenty.

    Cycle accidents? Um, not really. One flip in a parking lot at 20mph - hurt plenty, no scrapings. (Helmet and leathers goooooooood.)
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