Doin Everything At Once... How far do you push your Mac?

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Ahhh... I'm really getting into the hang of just using my Mac and not worrying about doing things in sequence- and waiting 'just in case'- and closing down apps before I put the computer to sleep...

Hell No. Now I do everything at once and just glide the lid shut (Alu PB) to put everything to sleep.

My current workload (I say 'work', but really...):

+ 8 documents in Word open/being edited (often, I don't save them for days -eek)

+ iTunes playing (August and Everything, Counting Crows), and ripping a CD, and updating/charging my iPod

+ poisoned *idle* (in itself its legal you know)

+ tabbed browsing in Safari (all forums in AI open)

+ mail (almost 400 messages)

+ activity monitor (with cpu usage showing in the dock)

+ [email protected] taking up any free cpu cycles (85% on protein p734_villin_sd_h2... Go Team 1971!)

+ and TextEdit, Preview and Temperature Monitor open

+ and a few finder windows

I know that I'm not really doing everything at once, but feeling that I am is really amazing.

Anyways, How far do you push your Mac?


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    Originally posted by SonOfSylvanus

    ...My current workload...

    Nutter .

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    Downloading music (some legally some illegally), Word, Software Update, iDVD burning, and Safari Web Browsing...

    So I have the following Apps opened...


    iDVD 4

    Software Update (Control Panel)

    M$ Word


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    Garageband, 4(live audio) tracks

    and then my computer begs for mercy

    I really hope Apple addresses this issue, even on the dual g5s, GB stutters after 10+ live audio tracks.

    but yeah, if I'm NOT using GB






    are open at any given time, then I often dip into



    ~GB(just to do some light editing, not actual recording or anything that would melt my computer)

    ~Reason(though I really haven't used it much since I got GB)

    it's interesting, GB takes as much as many pro applications to run, well, at least now I feel like I'm making USE of all my computers power.
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    tfworldtfworld Posts: 181member
    On my Beige G3 @ 466Mhz I have:

    Project Builder

    Interface Builder


    [email protected]

    SetiLogger X




    I think that is it... I get lots of page outs

    Oh and sometimes my wife gets in Photoshop while the others are running. Think it is time to upgrade?
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member

    Terminal (six windows)

    TeXShop (seven windows)

    BibDesk (one window)

    Finder (er... nine windows)

    Safari (just the one window)

    Mail (one viewer)

    iChat (five chats, buddy list)



    Address Book

    OmniOutliner (one window)

    SubEthaEdit (six windows)

    Temperature Monitor

    And CodeTek Virtual Desktop to keep it all organized.

    This is my everyday application work list. Add Xcode and Interface Builder when I'm coding something non-Pythony.

    512MB 15" AlBook.
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    Dual 2 Ghz G5, ATI 9600, 23"Cinema 2.5GB RAM

    iTunes playing and visuals in a window

    EyeTV on in a window, recording/or watching the news

    DVD movie on in a window and playing

    Photoshop working on a photo

    InDesign working on a layout

    Illustrator open on a graphic

    Appleworks spreadsheet open

    Art Directors toolkit open

    iPhoto open

    Safari open typing this

    iCal open

    Mail open

    iChat open

    Calculator open

    Thesaurus and dictionary open

    Several distributed computing projects running


    Address book open

    Activity Monitor

    Halo in a window

    Apple Remote Desktop controlling a eMac in a window

    eMac is running distributed computing projects and chess, iChat

    All on the same screen, it's total sensory overload


    With ARD, all I have to do is add more headless Mac's and I can control them from my G5, one at a time, or watch several screens at once. I can't copy and paste between computers, but I can transfer files very easily.

    Now if I could use the processor power on those remote machines on my own.
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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    iTunes, AIM, Safari, Poisoned, Photoshop. That is basically all I do, though I have found I'm likely to get a crash or kernal panic when I'm in games and switching back and forth between games and AIM.
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    idunnoidunno Posts: 645member
    Okay Boys,

    last night I had opwn Maya (and was batch rendering), Poisoned (downloading), safari, photoshop, iTunes.... and all on a g3 400mhz!!!!!!

    I am soon updating to a g5 (I will be skipping the g4's all together) so that I can get faster use outof Maya... but I gotta say, I bought my g3 four years ago, and it has been one of the best buys ever. I have never had a prob with it.

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    tfworldtfworld Posts: 181member
    les t I must agree. Time to forget the G4 and go for G5!
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    sailfish, you beastly propagandist, you have a beastly set up and a beastly workload to boot!
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    G5 Single 1.8...

    Let's see here.. currently open...

    Safari, Mail (checking every minute) iTunes (playing some tunes) Illustrator CS (2 documents open) Photoshop CS (3 Documents open) GoLive CS (2 Sites open) iChat AV, LiveType, and Soundtrack open. Still pretty responsive too... by the way... if Apple got GarageBand to speed like Soundtrack it would be heaven.
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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    • FTP server

    • VNC server

    • TextEdit

    • SubEthaEdit

    • iChat

    • iTunes

    • burning CD

    • Safari, with 4 tabs

    • [email protected]

    I'm using a 450Mhz G4 Cube, 384 megs.
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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    Let's see...

    1. Safari

    2. Limewire currently downloading 4 of 76 MPGs (my girlfriend is out of town for several months.)


    Dual 1.8 GHZ G5

    20 Inch LCD <-- Very helpful
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    dmband0026dmband0026 Posts: 2,345member

    Originally posted by Sailfish


    Now if I could use the processor power on those remote machines on my own.

    You can...there are some apps popping up that allow you to do clustering. Search Version Tracker for some of them. And I'm not sure...but is xGrid out yet?
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    a_greera_greer Posts: 4,594member
    once again you mac-ers have windows users beat, heres a little food for your ego (as if yall' need it lol ) well heres my list:

    1. Itunes (MP3 playing and 2nd store window open)

    2. mozilla (2 windows)

    3. word 2003 (7 pg document)

    4. kazaa (NOT SHARING!!!)

    this pushes windoze to the limit...o i forgot...avg (antivirus, gee thanx ms)

    xp, even with 15 of the default servises disabled is still big dumb ugly and clunky
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    tfworldtfworld Posts: 181member
    On our Athalon XP 2500 game machine, we can have:






    Civilization 3

    Plus various other little things running and there is no problem. Of course this isnt a slow machine...nor is it ours, well it is until the guy pays me for it!!!
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member






    Folding Clothes

    Justice League TroubleAlert monitoring (bastard Luthor...)

    Fairuza Balk SpyCam (shhh...)

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    Can I use Xgrid to speed up my favorite application?

    The short answer is no.

    The long answer is that if your favorite application performs long-running calculations that can be factored out into smaller support programs, then the application developer can write a small Xgrid plug-in to submit those long-running computations to the grid. Xgrid was designed with this expandability in mind.

    Xgrid is good for solving scientific problems that require enormous amounts of computation, but not very much input or output.

    So the potential is there, what's going to slow things down is the network.
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    i dont really feel like listing everything, but let's just say that exposé and desktop manager (which is an AWESOME app) keep me from going crazy.
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    I tunes


    voodoo note pad

    sys prefs

    photo chop

    msn messenger

    vpc 6 running windows xp




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