OmniWeb 5.0 Beta 2 Released!



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    Originally posted by Akac

    Let me add - its super important for web browsers on the Mac to support the standard. If you have the market broken up due to multiple webkit implementations - that's just bad. People need to know that anybody using WebKit on the Mac supports the latest web developments.

    OMNIweb uses WebCore, not WebKit. WebCore is just the framework; WebKit is an entire API. If you want to build yet another browser that behaves the same as Safari, use WebKit. OMNI Group, though, have lots of self-developed frameworks (one for HTTP, for instance), which is why they use a customized WebCore version.

    The problem is that so far, they do not seem to want to merge changes of WebCore that happened after Safari 1.0 back into their own framework version.
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    Omni has specifically said that they will be incorporating the newest version of WebCore once they have things worked out with OW 5. They had a choice: work on everything that will make OW5 better than the competition, or stumble along trying to keep OmniWeb at the latest release of WebCore. They chose to first work on OmniWeb, and then work on the latest WebCore.

    They cannot simply fold in WebCore without making significant changes to it. Most of the features that make OmniWeb so nice are exactly the same ones that need changes to WebCore (source editor, site preferences, etc...). Once OW 5 is stable, the engineers there have said that it will take about a month to get the latest (at the time) version of WebCore rolled in.

    This is on the roadmap as outlined in the latest release notes. They are not "refusing" to roll things in.
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